Saturday, December 27, 2008

omg, how can this not move you

I love watching the opening ceremonies from the Olympics... my daughter calls them "My China." She was adopted from China almost 3 yrs ago, on Jan. 15. We try to give her as much of her culture as possible, despite the fact we live in the US. We take her for Chinese Dance, Chinese preschool on saturdays. She is dancing in Chinese New Year. I have to show her this in the morning.

Here we go again.

Well, today I went back to work for the first time in two months and did two massages.........


When I went back in October and tried to go back to work, I did two massages and was wrecked for about two weeks after. I couldn't move. I think I have found the trick, but I won't reveal for the fact it might backfire on me.

Monday begins my triathlon training season, I think I am in a good position for it. So far this is how my schedule looks for the triathlon season.

May 2, 2009 or May 9, 2009 White Lake half-ironman. I am doing this as part of a relay. Jen F is swimming (1.2 miles), I am cycling (56 miles) and a gentleman from our gym is doing the run (half-marathon.) WOOHOO, my first ironman type event, even though I am relaying it.

May 23, 2009 Skirtchaser 5k - - Women start in a catch me wave, 3 minutes later, here come the guys in the skirtchaser wave. Mitch and I are both planning on doing it. His only requirement is catch me and then stay with me. I suck at running, but a friend of mine runs marathons, and she is going to help me train for my running. I need the help.

June 28, 2009 Smile Train triathlon - - Benefitting the Smile train. Helping kids with cleft lip and cleft pallate in countries where the parents can't afford the surgery.

September 11, 12 - - MS150 in New Bern, NC Benefitting the National MS Society, ENC chapter.

October 11, 2009 - - Ramblin' Rose women's only triathlon - this will be my second year racing in it. I hope to improve my time, but most of all, enjoy myself.

I am hoping to do well, have fun most importantly and go from there. I want to lose a little weight and tone up the body.

So, Here we go again. Let me know what you think of the schedule.

Friday, December 19, 2008

White Lake Half

I am relaying the White Lake Half-Iron.

I have put together a co-ed team. JF on the swim, me on the bike and a gentleman on the run.

There is a lot going on lately.....I am headed to Savannah for a cycling meeting. I can't wait. It will be a great learning experience. They are also supporting a walk and a training ride, which will be great since I love the beauty of Savannah and will be able to take my bike with me. My mom might be going as well. We are not sure yet.


Thursday, December 18, 2008

Here we go again

It is amazing how short your off-season is, when you decide to do an Olympic distance triathlon. I have decided to step it up this year and do One Olympic distance and two sprints. All of them benefit a charity of some sort...but the only one I know for sure is the smile train. A friend of mine runs the one here and I wanted to do it this year...but the neck and time precluded me from doing it. I am also doing the Ramblin' Rose again...Which benefits Girls On The Run. Neat it and check them out.

So....any suggestions in the southeast for a decent, but not killer Oly. I am considering the Nautica in Miami as I have a friend who lives down there and I could combine the trip.


Wednesday, December 10, 2008

I'm BAAaaacckkk

So I am back in the groove. Two months after my last triathlon...1 month after my wreck.

I got the van back today and I am heading back to work on the 20th. I need to. It's been a long couple of weeks and I need the adult time. All the time I spend with the kids, I need some freakin' adult conversation. I also need the peace and quiet.

So, starting tomorrow I hit the bike again. The trainer is set up and ready to go. I am getting an earlier jump on my training base than I did last season. I am going to build slowly, and go from there.

So here is the starting point.
188.5 lbs
2 tris in 2008, going for at least 3 in 2009, plus some 5ks...including skirtchaser with the hubby.
MS150 (60 miles)
screw the's time to HTFU and get going. I figure at this's always going to hurt...As long as nothing goes numb....go with it. That is what a heating pad is for.

Help me out...hook me up with some inspiration and some good training ideas.


Friday, November 14, 2008

Back on the shelf

Hello all,

I am back on the shelf. Following a flare up with the neck and now a car accident today...I am back on the shelf. I was in an accident this morning and now feel like hell. My left shoulder is wrecked. It hurts to lift it, move it, everything. My camera may be fubar, this as I am looking to start doing photography full-time. CRAP!!!

Oh well, My daughter is fine. She was in the car with me and that scared me more than anything. I had to climb out the passenger side door to get back to the sliding door to check her.

I'll post the pics once I get them transferred from the crackberry.

Sunday, October 19, 2008

Ramblin' Rose Chapel Hill Race Report

So, my morning started this morning at 5:45am when the alarm went off. I have a penchant for hitting it and rolling over. Not this morning. I had a triathlon to race. My last of the season, unless I do an indoor one at the gym or something. I'll be keeping my eye out.

I arrived at the race site at around 6:45 this morning ate my breakfast of oatmeal and coke in the van. I don't do coffee for the fact that it sets my intestines in high gear and that is the last thing I need during a race. I got my transition area set around 7:40 and then roamed around until my start time. I had about an hour to kill from the start, my start time was 9:09:10 and I was amazingly relaxed this time. My first tri I was so nervous I was watching everything, taking it all in and getting so overloaded that I had an asthma attack in the pool. It didn't help that the water temp was like 64 degrees. (Freakin' cold as hell.)

Anyway, so I started out at 9:09:10 and without gassing myself, I actually passed someone in the pool. WOOHOO!! I was loving the all women's environment. No men running me over in the pool, grabbing my ankles because they seeded themselves to slowly, or myself too fast. I was actually seeded perfectly. I will have to remember that. The woman in front of me was breaststroking the pool and I caught her on the second 25 and she looked at me and kept going, so on the third 25, I started tapping her foot for the pass and she let me pass at the end of the lane. From that point on, I was good until the end and then passed another woman in transition.

So, heading out on the road, I always have to remember to keep my breathing under control. Chapel Hill is called Chapel HILL for a reason. It is very hilly, mostly rolling, but some long slow hills also. In the first 1/4 mile, is the first hill, that sucked, but you have to go somewhere. As many of my cycling friends know, I am great on downhills, I hit my big gears and just rock. It can be a very slight downhill, but I know how to make time on them and make up for my uphill times. I HATE HILLS, I am getting better at climbing, but had I been training for more than 3 weeks, I would have been in better position. If I can do that with little to no training and just maintaining my base fitness, holy crap, look out for me with a full off-season of training. I will be faster next year. So I made it to dismount and almost fell over because I hammered the bike. I was actually cramping up my calves on the bike...not good. As I am headed into transition I hear "Go Oddball!!!" Some friends I know from when I volunteered for a pro soccer team in the area. That was my mascot assistant nickname. Then I hear Bryan, my sister's brother-in-law, yelling at me to go and way to go. My bike split was AWESOME!!!! 9 miles in 44:11...YEAH!!! Into transition and then off on the run. I had to put my socks on because I had cycled without them.

Jacket off, socks and running shoes on and race number on, (I almost forgot my race number and had to turn around and get it.) I headed out on the run/walk and had to start slowly because of my legs. I was jogging when I could and walking when I had to. On my way back from the turnaround to the finish there was a crosswalk that was on a speedtable (speedhump) and as I crossed it, I tripped, fell flat on my face rolled over, got up and kept right on going. I was not stopping at that point. I get up just across from the finish line and one of the people I talked into racing with me, jumped out on the path with me and started jogging, so of course I had to jog too. Thanks LP. I ended up beating her time by 25 seconds. Had she let me walk, she would have placed ahead of me. Total time for my tri was 1:27:06

With everything I have been through this summer with my neck and 3 months of no training, I am quite happy with how I finished. 11/17 in the Athena class.

I will post pictures once I receive them from Uncle B. Enjoy the post. I enjoyed reliving it again.

Thursday, October 16, 2008


Okay, so I am #350 on Sunday and my start time is 9:09:10 and I am a little anxious, nervous, scared and freaked right out.

I haven't really done much training. I have ridden my bicycle, I have done some swimming, but NO RUNNING. That has been out of the question until the last week. I still haven't done it.

Well, as long as I finish that is all I want. If I finish top half of my division, that would be awesome.

Wednesday, October 15, 2008

(Non) Taper week

Well, here I sit after having said I would not be tapering and yet, I am tapering....for my neck. After my almost wreck on Sunday my neck really flared up and I ended up back at the physical therapists today. She showed my hubby how to work on my neck and help me out. That was huge, I haven't been able to sleep well the last couple of days because of my neck and my body is screaming. I am so exhausted that I fell asleep trying to get my niece asleep. At least she fell asleep at the same time.

I plan to do some swimming tomorrow am, it is an interval class called Aqua Tread and Shed. The gym runs a treadmill class that is called Tread and Shed. I don't do that one because of my knee. I hope my neck allows me to finish the tri on Sunday. It would suck to barely make it back in time to barely train and run this and then either hurt myself again or worse or just not finish.


Monday, October 13, 2008

Rest day stress

Okay, so I am sitting here today and i don't know if it was the almost wreck or the stress of the last week finally getting to me, but my neck is starting to hurt again. I did not wreck, but I feel like I might as well have.

I also need to take the bike in to have the back wheel checked out. I hope I didn't bend the rim or bust a spoke.

Sunday, October 12, 2008

Supposed to taper, but I won't

Considering I haven't really trained in like 3 months and my training since I came back has been haphazard and sporadic.

Today I went out to ride the bike route for the triathlon next week and let's just say it was spectacularly shitty. I had two flats before I even headed out onto the road and a third, about 1.5 from the end. IT WAS ONLY A 9 MILE ROUTE!!! WTF!!!

So, my stash of spare tubes in the van is now shot. I need to go buy some tubes this week. I may also be buying a swim snorkel. My neck is still giving me issues and believe it or not, turning my head on the swim is giving me issues. I end up turning my whole upper body and not just my head. I know you are supposed to roll your shoulder out of the way, but I feel off and compensating. Let me know what you all think.

Wednesday, October 1, 2008

Beach ride

Okay, so today I had to take a big dose of HTFU juice, (Harden the F&%^ up.) Well, I decided to break out the bicycle today here at the beach and ride. It was a damn tough ride. Winds at 16 mph with gusts up to 21-23 mph. The headwinds were brutal. I had one gust that almost took my front wheel away and put me down. That was scary. I don't like the idea of wrecking...I guess the good thing was I was going into the headwind at that point so my speed was down to like 13 mph. I was cruising about 23 mph.

I almost puked when I got off the bike, but I know I can do it now when it comes time on October 19. I am participating in the Ramblin' Rose Triathlon in Chapel Hill and it is a women's only triathlon.

Now for the good news. I have reached and far surpassed my goal for my MS150 fundraising. I am at $1284 and change. Thank you so much for your donations, thoughts, prayers and support. They are much appreciated.

Tuesday, September 16, 2008

MS150 Update

Well, I only made it 30 miles this weekend. I rode on saturday, not on sunday. I got up sunday morning and there was no way I was riding. I could barely turn my head and my neck and shoulders hurt like hell. I felt like I had lifted weights for hours on end. I had a slow time, slower than normal, but I was also a bike marshal, which meant if anyone had any issues, with flats, wrecks, or any other issues, it was my job to stop with them until SAG showed up. I shot two videos on saturday, one going out and one coming in. Both bumpy and hand-held. I'll post them separately, but I'll tell you what, I had a ball, despite the pain saturday night and sunday. Oh and by the way, my team co-won best jersey for the weekend. WOOHOO!!! Plus our team fundraising is approaching $6000. Not bad. Enjoy the start video.

Friday, September 12, 2008

Blog Rating

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okay evidently my blog is G-rated. Oh well. I guess torture and pain get you a G-rating. I will have to see what my other blog rates as. BTW, the next time you read this, I will be out on a 30 mile bike ride. Welcome to my hell. I get to do it again on Sunday, then go home and teach Confirmation to a group of 6th graders. Fun times.

Actually I love it. This is my second go around. Have fun. Let's Rock and Roll On!!!

My blog is now PG due to a certain word above. Hehehe. Oh well.

Thursday, September 11, 2008

This is why I ride


Well, I am $104 way from my goal in fundraising. I have picked up $75 in the last 24 hours. I am getting there. If I get the last $104 I reach Jewelry Boomerang again. Before last years ride, they raised the minimum fundraising for Jewelry Boomerang from $750 to $1000. I have only missed it one year. Last year. I renewed my vigor to go for the Jewelry level again. I am a matter of donations away from getting there again. If you would like to help me out, please visit my site and donate.

Multiple Sclerosis is ugly. I am riding for one of my friend's sister-in-law. She passed earlier this year due to complications from her MS. My mom spends time on the beach....IN THE DARK!!! She can't go during the day due to the heat. One of my husband's friends, his wife has MS, she is currently doing well, but that could change tomorrow. Although Charlene can no longer receive the benefit, my mom and Anna can. These are people who mean a lot to me. I want this disease eradicated. I never want another person to hear "You have MS." Think of Annette Funicello, Richard Pryor, Montel Williams, Grant Hill's wife, Clay Walker. These are all celebrity faces to MS, think about your mom, dad, brother, sister, or child being diagnosed. Help offer resources until this disease can be eradicated. Thank you for reading.

Wednesday, September 10, 2008

Trainer rides

OMG, who would've thought that trainer rides could be so awesome. That is all I have done since the doctor cleared me to ride again. Today was my third since friday. OMG was it beautiful and amazing. My ride times are getting longer and I feel better each ride, excepte today due to my physical torture yesterday. She killed me. Oh well, mechanical traction did more than the physical traction. I feel it today. THey will probably send me to the MS150 with some mechanical traction as well.

I will post pictures after the weekend. I hope to have plenty. I feel good, but will take it plenty easy and stop if need be.


Saturday, September 6, 2008

Last nights ride

Well, it kinda sucked. I started feeling my neck about 8 minutes in and stopped around 10 minutes in. No sense in pushing it. Plus I knew with Tropical Storm Hanna coming through overnight, we were having a hallway campout with the girl. Well, I woke up this morning a little stiff, but my legs were fine. I pretty much have to hit the bike every day for the next week if I even want to be close to riding one day, let alone possibly two. I just plan to take my time and sweep the back half of the route. I may well ride with one of my team mates and just take it easy.


Friday, September 5, 2008

Well, here goes

I saw my neurologist today. He told me to get off my butt and back on the bike and in the pool. No running, standing on my head or bungee jumping, but I can cycle and swim. That made me a very happy camper. There are rules with me getting back on the bike and in the pool....if it hurts STOP!!! He doesn't know me very well.

The good news is, if I feel up to it next weekend, I can do some cycling at the MS150. We'll see how I feel. I won't hesitate to use the SAG if I need it, but I plan to be on the trainer as much as possible in the next week. Time to ride. YIPPEE!!!

Wish me luck.


Thursday, September 4, 2008

Just when I think

Well, just when I think things are getting better, I go back downhill again.

My daughter and I went to the beach on friday with my mom and dad and niece and nephew. I knew the car ride would be difficult and possibly painful, but I didn't expect the results. I got up Saturday...barely....I was so stiff I couldn't move. By Sunday, I was in pain. Monday, Oh boy. Tuesday I saw the Dr. for a follow-up and just as things were calming down from the weekend, he did a strength test and set me right back off again. I have been in pain since. Two straight days of therapy, acupuncture, a new anti-inflammatory and more time on the tens unit than in the last week.

Also, one week until the MS150. We are looking at the possibility that Ike may impact the ride, possibly even cancelling it. I hope not. Either way the MS Society still gets the money. Please, I don't know how many readers I have out there, but help me out. Help me reach my goal. I currently have raised $776.57 of my $1000 goal. Help me out, help my mom out, help my friend who has MS out. Help out the person who is waiting for that diagnosis and wondering what resources are there for them.

Thursday, August 28, 2008

Insult to Injury

So, I had a meeting today at the MS Society office. Seeing as I am still going to the ride and volunteering, I had a planning meeting today. While I was there, the bike coordinator asked if I wanted to pre-register along with a couple of other people who were there. I said yes, I could get my volunteer shirt and go ahead and get it packed for the weekend of Sept. 12-14.

Well, she hands me my shirt and then heads across the room and comes back and hands me my rider numbers. For the helmet, bike and jersey. I'm standing there thinking, thanks for the kick in the gut. That really sucks. So, I have rider numbers in the van. I would have been rider number 703. I was the 703rd fundraiser last year, despite raising over $800. My goal for this year, even though I am not riding is to break through to $1000. I am currently at $676.57. We still have another sponsor check to get in and money from the ride we hosted earlier this summer.

If you would like to help me meet my goal, please click the link below and help a down and out fellow triathlete. Thanks. I thank you and my mom thanks you.

Sunday, August 24, 2008

Update on the neck

Well, I have found out from the therapist that I have herniated the discs at C3 and C4. I can't do much, but she is hopeful that she might get me back in action before the 3-6 month timeframe. I would like for her to get me back in time for my tri on Oct. 19. It's the one that I have been training for all year, but hubby wants me to sit it out and volunteer. I can understand his position, but at the same time it's hard.

Therapy sucks for about 2 days afterwards. It's okay during, but I am really really sore for two days afterwards. I have notice an issue with my right shoulder which is from compensating due to the neck issue.

Keep me going y'all. Tell me what you think. Sit Oct 19 and volunteer or try to make it back.


Wednesday, August 6, 2008

Tri-Season over

Hello all, I am officially depressed. It took some time for it to hit, but I am depressed.

I have ridden in the ms150 for 3 yrs and as much as my tri-season being over and missing my A race. (Had been planning on it for 8 months now.) I started training with the goal of running the Ramblin Rose Triathlon in October. My mom had been trying to get me to sign up for 2 yrs. Every time I missed the cut. I could never get signed up in time. This year I was bound and determined to race. I've already done one triathlon, I was registered to relay a 2nd tri in September as a cyclist. It was the week before the MS150.

My main disappointment is that I can't ride for my mom. She was diagnosed 5 yrs ago with MS and I have finished the last two years of the tour. I also rode in honor of a friend's sister-in-law. She passed this summer from her MS and I was dedicating this tour to her. I'm not much of a cryer, but I cried today. I have come so far in 8 months, to have something so arbitrary as inflammation of two discs stop me now is infuriating. I haven't wrecked, fallen, or otherwise had any injuries that I would think could trigger this. The only thing I can deduce is work. Massage is tough, very physical. I do know that I can ride my bike on the trainer as it doesn't bounce or otherwise jar my neck. No running. I'll have to ask about the swimming and I doubt lifting is allowed. Oh well, shit happens. I am still incredibly blessed in my life. As my mom likes to say...."At least you don't have a debilitating disease or cancer." Very true mom, but it's still hard to accept.

Tuesday, August 5, 2008

MRI and update

Well, the MRI went as well as feeling like a human sausage could go. I made it through without having to do any re-scans. The funny thing is, they always tell you not to do something specific, today was, no coughing, swallowing or clearing the throat while the scan is running. If it's quiet, go ahead. Well, as I sat there drowning, trying not to swallow, I did. Oh well. Only twice during like 5 or 6 scans. I also had my head taped and blocked to minimize movement. That sucked. Plus it was hot, I don't know if that is a product of the steroids or the environment in the MRI room and the magnet, but I had to uncover my feet between scans and then the tech came in and uncovered me the rest of the way. I was sweating. I truly felt like a sausage in a casing. YUCK!!!!


Monday, August 4, 2008


Hello readers. As if I have is 3am and I am up and in pain. I can't stand it.

Well, later today in less than 12 hours is my MRI. I really hope that they can find out what is wrong with my neck. But I can't help but still be positive at this point. ML was having trouble sleeping and asked me to rub her back and help her go back to sleep. So I did.

What did I ever do to deserve to be so blessed in my life. I have a beautiful 3 yr old little girl, a wonderful husband who despite working, will help me out when I can't do something with ML. Right now, I can't pick her up, really do much playing with her or anything else. I am so blessed despite the neck issue and anything else that could come about. So do me a favor, even if it is at 3am, take full stock of what you have and I don't mean possessions. Life is more than just things you own or things that own you. It is being truly happy where you are in life. With WHO you have around you.


Friday, August 1, 2008


Hello readers,
MRI is scheduled for tuesday at 1:15. I am ready for it. I hate MRI's, but if it helps them figure out what is wrong with my neck, then so be it. I had acupuncture yesterday and it gave me a good respite from the pain, but it is coming back tonight.

ML is gone for a week and my heart aches for her to be home again. This is the first time she has left DH and I for more than a night or two. Let alone, she will be with my parents 4 states and 9 hours away. (Sniff, sniff.)


Wednesday, July 30, 2008

Neck update

Well, after being unable to go to sleep last night due to the excruciating pain in my neck and calling the on-call doc for pain meds, (don't like them, but also wasn't given any after the appointment.) I think the exam yesterday exacerbated the pain I was already experiencing and ramped it up big time. By 2:45, I was in tears lying in my bed and my DH comforting me, offering to move out of the bed and on to the couch in case he was causing any of my discomfort. I called the on-call at 2:43 am and he called back at 2:58. I was on my way to the 24hr pharmacy by 3:15. Got the pain meds and was asleep by 5am.

After speaking to the doc this morning they are pre-auth'ing my MRI and will get it scheduled soon. I have an appointment for acupuncture tomorrow at 3pm to try to help with the pain until such time that we know what is going on and where we are going from there. So, say some prayers faithful readers and we'll hope that this is a temporary thing. BTW....


Tuesday, July 29, 2008

Training Hiatus

I am currently out of training for a while. It seems I may have a degenerative disc in my neck. I am requesting the results of my x-rays tomorrow. I have been in a fair amount of pain since before the 4th of July. I finally broke down and went to the doctor.

He believes I have a degenerative disc in my neck. DAMN!!! I have avoided any serious issues with the training going on. Now this. It hurts to even hold my head up.

Hopefully the steroid course will help. We shall see. Say a few prayers for me. The pain is murder.

Friday, July 25, 2008

Training, Totals and injuries

Hello all, it's been a rough week. I have finally broken down and decided to get my neck checked. Unfortunately, I have recently been having a lot of pain but I don't know what is causing it. When I work my neck locks down and I can't even turn my head. I haven't worked most of the week for that reason. I am only keeping my appointments that are my regulars and the ones that were already on the books. I go in on tuesday morning. I have tried to limit my cycling to the trainer only because the road just bounces me too much.

I am shocked at how much the trainer has helped my speed though. I did a 25 minute ride the other day, a quick little sprint before work because I was WAY early. (I shouldn't have, but now I know.) I topped out at 25.98 and avg'd 13mph. When I started 4 yrs ago I was in the 8-10mph range. So I am picking up speed and cadence. More so this summer. I can't wait for the MS150 and the triathlon I am relaying the week before. I can't wait to see my split at the triathlon.

13h 52m 26s - 162.72 Mi
8h 12m 51s - 22.07 Mi
7h 33m 33s - 11787.45 Yd - 6.7 miles
53h 53m
Rock Climbing:
2h 00m
1h 15m
4h 30m
2h 20m
2h 30m

Monday, July 21, 2008

Today's training

45 minutes on the trainer and then 25 minutes in the pool doing laps. Not the fastest or the slowest.

Will add updated yearly distances tomorrow.


Sunday, July 20, 2008

5k in memory of Lucy (christine)

One of the websites I frequent is We are all around the world and the US. When something happens we all pull together and pray for each other, give advice and ask for advice. Well, we've had several people have their share of issues with training and injuries and illness. Blood clots, aneurysms, hit by cars, DNF's(did not finish), DNS (did not start).

Well, recently one of the members was having a lot of headaches and come to find out, she had a brain tumor. THe fluid was drained last week and not long after she passed away. Her organs were donated, but everyone decided to run a race in her honor. Friday to sunday, run a 5k. I did mine tonight. Halfway through, I wanted to quit, but the more I thought about what she had gone through, I couldn't quit. I finished the 4 laps around the neighborhood and what do you know....a personal best. My previous best in the 5k was June 7 at 47:43. Tonight I ran it in 46:31. OMG, WTF is that. In a little over a month, I have cut 1:12 off my 5k time...AND I HAVEN'T RUN SINCE THE 5K. How is that possible?? Is it the route, was it the time frame, was I overtraining previously?? Well, now the goal going forward is to be able to run the 2 miles at my tri in october and pray for a podium.


Friday, July 18, 2008

Nancy Cooper

This post is in memory of Nancy Cooper. I never knew her personally, but remember seeing her running along one of the same paths I cycle and also drive. I read that she was missing while we were on vacation out of state and realized that this was a route that I frequently ride. This hit very close to home. I suddenly realized I needed to be more vigilant in my riding. I usually get on the bike and it is my chance to shutout life and the world.
I don't care who murdered this woman, it's a scary reminder that those of us who go out to train solo for our events, whether it be a marathon or a triathlon or a 150 mile bike ride, need to be cautious. I plan to carry pepper spray or something with me on my bike. We are so vulnerable out there.

Back from Vacation

Okay, sorry for the long layoff, if I actually have any readers. Hubby and I headed to Ohio with ML for a week long vacation. We hadn't spent a week with his parents in Ohio since 2002. We make frequent trips up and back, but, we haven't spent a week in 6 years. I was able to get in a couple of training sessions on the bike on the trainer while we were there.

I got in a total of 55 minutes on the trainer in two sessions. Considering we had plans on Friday, Saturday, Sunday, Monday I was still able to get some seat time in. I actually got some interval training in. Friday night was 25 minutes of interval training on the trainer, then tuesday was 30 minutes on the trainer for more intervals. I think I scared the MIL when I came back in on tuesday. I did the training mid-day in Ohio with some serious humidity and NO FAN!! I was dripping wet and had left a puddle in the garage. My FIL just got the hose out and hosed the sweat off the garage floor.

BTW, We also played 3 games over 4.5 hours for a bit of cross-training. I remembered on Sunday why I liked playing softball. It was a lot of fun and playing with our friends that we miss and don't get to see all that often.


Sunday, July 6, 2008

Training and Tour de France

two days worth of training. I wish I could get better about posting and keeping track for you all, but I do the best I can.

Yesterday I did 25 minutes on the bicycle on the trainer. Had to stop sooner due to chain issues. I have been having issues with my chain since I got a tuneup in April before my triathlon. I had to get cables replaced, I guess it has to do with the wear of the new cables and the fact that they stretch. It's still frustrating when you are cruising along and having a great ride and all of a sudden you are dropping gears and not able continue your pace and normal shifts.

Today was pickup soccer for 1:15 hrs. I was worn out and exhausted and then had an eye migraine on top of it, by the time I made it the 3 miles to my parent's house, I had lost probably 1/3 of the vision in my right eye. I hate it when i get them, but I was able to get some excedrin in my system and sleep for an hour to try to knock it out. I woke up and for some reason, still had the aura, I thought I was going to vomit, but fortunately, I did not.

Saturday, July 5, 2008

Thursday, June 26, 2008

Two training days post

Wednesday was not an official training day, but what I did was to do some bareback horseback riding. It was a smaller horse, but a type of pack horse. So, even though it was a short his, it was a strong horse. Thankfully. Bareback is a wonderful exercise for your inner thighs...LADIES!!! I would love to do it more.

Today (Thursday) was pool day. I got in 700 yards in the pool, mostly freestyle, but I also spent a 100 working on my backstroke and my breaststroke. I probably need to spend more time on my breast stroke seeing as I with my last triathlon I had an asthma attack in the pool. I ended up slowly breast stroking the whole pool. THAT SUCKED!!! Tomorrow I plan to do at least 14 miles on the bike if not more.


Wednesday, June 25, 2008


So, I have been a little slack. I am back to training, Last night was jogging and lifting.

1 mile in 16:24 and then leg press, leg curls and extensions.

So, on the jog. I haven't been able to jog in quite a long time due to 3 knee surgeries and a broken leg with a steel plate. It took me 6 months to get where I am in jogging. That's saying a lot. I am up to jogging 2 minutes and walking one minute. I am getting better each week, my right knee is allowing me to jog, thanks to my physical therapist. I had to go through physical therapy earlier this year after having been diagnosed with chondromalacia of the patella. That plus a week quadriceps had my patella tracking incorrectly and causing me pain. After strengthening my leg back up, I noticed one other issue that was residual from my broken leg and subsequent repair. I have some slight nerve damage that remains even 7 yrs later. If you touch a spot on my lower leg, I get tingles on my big toe. Weird feeling. Well, when I was training for my first tri and trying to run, I'd make it about 1/3 mile in jogging and walking and my toe would start to drop. Then I would have to lift my right leg higher to compensate for the toe. It made things very difficult. All of a sudden, I am able to jog and walk without issue, the toe drop has resolved itself. Now I am able to work on my cardio and since the first of June, I have been able to go from a jog/walk of 1/1 to 2/1. I plan to be able to run my tri in October the full two miles. I'm Looking forward to that.

Wednesday, June 18, 2008

Back to Training

Okay, so I have been incredibly lazy.

I have also been sick. So starting tomorrow, I am back on track. The MS150 is coming up in September, my next Tri is in October. I have done some cycling and some jogging, but no swimming in quite a while. I am working my training plan from my favorite site, They are amazing. You can build your plan and tweak it from one of their basic plans. I used a basic plan to start for my first tri and now I will build from that to go on for my October Tri with a heavy bike load. I need a heavier bike load with the MS150 a month before. I may be doing a tri the week before as part of a relay. It is a club(gym) challenge. We'll see if I get a team. I want to do the bike, but if I can't get a team, I won't do it. I won't do a full tri, sprint or not, the week before the MS150.

In previous summers I have devoted the whole summer to training for the MS150 and nothing else. This year has been different, I have already done several rides, hosted a ride, done a triathlon, lots of training and lost 26 lbs. I have already had quite a year. I will take a week off to go to Ohio for vacation in July. I won't even take the bicycle as I have in years past, but I will probably jog. Taking 3 pairs of tennis shoes. My running shoes and two pairs to kick around in.

Monday, June 16, 2008

Finish Line...Oh the Humanity

Oh the humanity, I didn't even see the photographer. YUCK!!! At least it's a finish line photo and not a dnf photo, but still. The only one that is worse is my pool exit. I won't be sharing that one. It's already on the triathlon site, but they finally got the pictures up a little more than a month after the Tri. Remind me to find the photog next time I run one.

Tuesday, June 10, 2008

5k Personal Best

So, I know I am a couple of days late posting this, but here it is. I set a personal best in my 5k on saturday. AND....I met my goal of a sub 50 minutes. 47:43 with an avg of 15:22 per mile. My first mile was my best, my second was the worst, my third in the middle. 14:37, 18:53; 15:13 were my splits, if I remember correctly.

I had a great time, except just after the 2nd mile, I thought my breakfast was going to make a return engagement. Fortunately, it did not.

So, a Personal Best for me. It was awesome. I will take it.


Friday, June 6, 2008

First 5k in 9 yrs

So, tomorrow is my fist 5k in 9 yrs. Last time I did a 5k for time was the Komen Race for the Cure in 1999. I ran/walked it in just over 56 minutes if I remember correctly. IT WAS 9 YRS AGO!!!

My goal is a 15 minute mile for a total of a sub 50 minute 5k. ONe of the other ladies from the gym's tri team is going to jog/walk with me due to heat/humidity/health. We are looking at 90 degrees at 8:30am plus 67% humidity. OMG, that is nasty for first thing in the morning.

I plan to be up by 6:30am, eat some oatmeal early, get the girl and the hubby up and then head out. It's only 15 minutes away, so no biggie. I already have everything laid out, but as I realized tonight....I have no running shorts, so I am going with a combo short that I use for cycling and jogging. Fortunately the inner liner is very thin, almost mesh except for the chamois. I'll post results tomorrow.


Thursday, June 5, 2008

Honoring our Military

My dad was in the Air Force and still works at an AFB. He is a veteran of both the Vietnam War and the first Desert War. My hubby was in the Marine Corps as a reservist for 6 years and is veteran of the first Desert War. My Pa Pa J. was in the Army. So the military is fairly well represented in our family. I read something today that really drove home the point and I hope it makes the point for you as well. While I know we all have our opinions on the Iraq war, put aside our political affiliations and support the men and women, mom's, dad's, son's, daughter's, aunt's, uncle's, brother's and sister's who are over in other countries fighting to make us safer and taking democracy where it has never been before. Read this, let it sink in and pass it along.

It is the SOLDIER, not the preacher who has given us freedom of religion.
It is the SOLDIER, not the reporter who has given us freedom of the press.
It is the SOLDIER, not the poet, who has given us freedom of speech.
It is the SOLDIER, not the campus organizer who has given us freedom to assemble.
It is the SOLDIER, not the lawyer who has given us the right to a fair trial.
It is the SOLDIER, not the politician who has given us the right to vote.
It is the SOLDIER who salutes the Flag, and it is the SOLDIER who serves under the Flag.

Remember this the next time you see a soldier in uniform, or a retired vet. Walk up, stick out your hand and say two simple words. THANK YOU!!!

Thursday, May 22, 2008

Todays training

So today was a relatively easy training day. This week was my first week back to training after the triathlon. Earlier this week I hit the pool and had a good pool workout, I rode for 10 miles last night and today was the jog. I am NOT a runner, haven't been since my freshman year in high school. My first knee injury at an indoor track meet. I went one way, my knee went another. I gave up track at that point. I was never going to be a track star. My max distance was 800 meters. Last I heard, I was still 2nd on the record board at my middle school 2 min, 53 sec. 25 hundredths.

Now, I jogged 3/4 mile today and it took me 15 minutes, but I had the dog with me and he pooped and I dropped my iPod twice and had to drop the dog off because he was killing me. He kept wanting to stop and smell the roses, which would jerk me backwards. So, included in that 15 minute time is probably 2-3 minutes of dead time scooping poop and picking up my iPod, putting the dog in the backyard and letting him in the back door.

Now here is the interesting thing. 6 yrs ago, when I thought I was in decent shape, I had a friend in town who stayed here and she wanted to go jog, (pre-kiddo time for me.) I couldn't even do a full lap at a jog. I quit. I watched her and my hubby run it and make several laps, feeling like an abject failure and knowing that I would likely never be able to run again. Today, for me to do 3/4 mile and do if fairly consistently, if not slowly, gave me a sense of accomplishment. I couldn't do that last year, I couldn't do that 6 yrs ago. Now, 5 months into training for sprint triathlons, I CAN!!!!

I am considering doing a triathlon in Wake Forest June 29. I hope to improve on my 2hrs 7 minutes, which shouldn't be hard considering it's shorter in the pool and I know more what to expect. I am doing a 5k on June 7 which I was given a slot through my gym's triathlon club. Not bad. I am becoming quite the multi-sporter.

Here it is.

I had some complaints about me posting about my triathlon training and the actual race on my other blog, so I have created my new blog. I hope to inspire others to get off the couch or transition as I have from a single sport to a multi-sport athlete. I haven't used the term athlete in terms of me in such a long time. I was an athlete in high school and college, even after college, I could still say I was an athlete, I played softball 3-4 days a week, I could run and fitness was not an issue. I was an anaerobic athlete. I was a fast-twitch athlete, every sport I ever played was a fast-twitch sport. Even my swimming was fast-twitch, I was a sprinter.

So, my first triathlon was on May 10. It was a horrible disaster. I had trained the swim for 5 months, hit the water and had an asthma attack. I spent the swim breaststroking, getting passed, but I hung in there...then there is the bike. I went out of my comfort zone and went to the western portion of the state where there are more hills and more severe hills. I tried not to burn myself on the bike, but every time I thought about the time lost in the pool (more than 3 minutes) I caught myself ramping up my cadence. By the time I got off the bike, my hamstrings were screaming. I couldn't have run if I tried. So, I walked a majority of run, I was finally able to jog the final quarter mile. I finished in a jog. I don't think I could have done anymore than that.

When bringing all things into consideration, I really did a great job for my first triathlon. I plan to purchase a wetsuit for the swims, depending on the water temp. I have started jogging more around the neighborhood to try to get better at my jog/run. I think this is something I can do. I used to run, but after 3 knee surgeries, can I still do it. We shall see.