Wednesday, October 15, 2008

(Non) Taper week

Well, here I sit after having said I would not be tapering and yet, I am tapering....for my neck. After my almost wreck on Sunday my neck really flared up and I ended up back at the physical therapists today. She showed my hubby how to work on my neck and help me out. That was huge, I haven't been able to sleep well the last couple of days because of my neck and my body is screaming. I am so exhausted that I fell asleep trying to get my niece asleep. At least she fell asleep at the same time.

I plan to do some swimming tomorrow am, it is an interval class called Aqua Tread and Shed. The gym runs a treadmill class that is called Tread and Shed. I don't do that one because of my knee. I hope my neck allows me to finish the tri on Sunday. It would suck to barely make it back in time to barely train and run this and then either hurt myself again or worse or just not finish.


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