Thursday, August 28, 2008

Insult to Injury

So, I had a meeting today at the MS Society office. Seeing as I am still going to the ride and volunteering, I had a planning meeting today. While I was there, the bike coordinator asked if I wanted to pre-register along with a couple of other people who were there. I said yes, I could get my volunteer shirt and go ahead and get it packed for the weekend of Sept. 12-14.

Well, she hands me my shirt and then heads across the room and comes back and hands me my rider numbers. For the helmet, bike and jersey. I'm standing there thinking, thanks for the kick in the gut. That really sucks. So, I have rider numbers in the van. I would have been rider number 703. I was the 703rd fundraiser last year, despite raising over $800. My goal for this year, even though I am not riding is to break through to $1000. I am currently at $676.57. We still have another sponsor check to get in and money from the ride we hosted earlier this summer.

If you would like to help me meet my goal, please click the link below and help a down and out fellow triathlete. Thanks. I thank you and my mom thanks you.

Sunday, August 24, 2008

Update on the neck

Well, I have found out from the therapist that I have herniated the discs at C3 and C4. I can't do much, but she is hopeful that she might get me back in action before the 3-6 month timeframe. I would like for her to get me back in time for my tri on Oct. 19. It's the one that I have been training for all year, but hubby wants me to sit it out and volunteer. I can understand his position, but at the same time it's hard.

Therapy sucks for about 2 days afterwards. It's okay during, but I am really really sore for two days afterwards. I have notice an issue with my right shoulder which is from compensating due to the neck issue.

Keep me going y'all. Tell me what you think. Sit Oct 19 and volunteer or try to make it back.


Wednesday, August 6, 2008

Tri-Season over

Hello all, I am officially depressed. It took some time for it to hit, but I am depressed.

I have ridden in the ms150 for 3 yrs and as much as my tri-season being over and missing my A race. (Had been planning on it for 8 months now.) I started training with the goal of running the Ramblin Rose Triathlon in October. My mom had been trying to get me to sign up for 2 yrs. Every time I missed the cut. I could never get signed up in time. This year I was bound and determined to race. I've already done one triathlon, I was registered to relay a 2nd tri in September as a cyclist. It was the week before the MS150.

My main disappointment is that I can't ride for my mom. She was diagnosed 5 yrs ago with MS and I have finished the last two years of the tour. I also rode in honor of a friend's sister-in-law. She passed this summer from her MS and I was dedicating this tour to her. I'm not much of a cryer, but I cried today. I have come so far in 8 months, to have something so arbitrary as inflammation of two discs stop me now is infuriating. I haven't wrecked, fallen, or otherwise had any injuries that I would think could trigger this. The only thing I can deduce is work. Massage is tough, very physical. I do know that I can ride my bike on the trainer as it doesn't bounce or otherwise jar my neck. No running. I'll have to ask about the swimming and I doubt lifting is allowed. Oh well, shit happens. I am still incredibly blessed in my life. As my mom likes to say...."At least you don't have a debilitating disease or cancer." Very true mom, but it's still hard to accept.

Tuesday, August 5, 2008

MRI and update

Well, the MRI went as well as feeling like a human sausage could go. I made it through without having to do any re-scans. The funny thing is, they always tell you not to do something specific, today was, no coughing, swallowing or clearing the throat while the scan is running. If it's quiet, go ahead. Well, as I sat there drowning, trying not to swallow, I did. Oh well. Only twice during like 5 or 6 scans. I also had my head taped and blocked to minimize movement. That sucked. Plus it was hot, I don't know if that is a product of the steroids or the environment in the MRI room and the magnet, but I had to uncover my feet between scans and then the tech came in and uncovered me the rest of the way. I was sweating. I truly felt like a sausage in a casing. YUCK!!!!


Monday, August 4, 2008


Hello readers. As if I have is 3am and I am up and in pain. I can't stand it.

Well, later today in less than 12 hours is my MRI. I really hope that they can find out what is wrong with my neck. But I can't help but still be positive at this point. ML was having trouble sleeping and asked me to rub her back and help her go back to sleep. So I did.

What did I ever do to deserve to be so blessed in my life. I have a beautiful 3 yr old little girl, a wonderful husband who despite working, will help me out when I can't do something with ML. Right now, I can't pick her up, really do much playing with her or anything else. I am so blessed despite the neck issue and anything else that could come about. So do me a favor, even if it is at 3am, take full stock of what you have and I don't mean possessions. Life is more than just things you own or things that own you. It is being truly happy where you are in life. With WHO you have around you.


Friday, August 1, 2008


Hello readers,
MRI is scheduled for tuesday at 1:15. I am ready for it. I hate MRI's, but if it helps them figure out what is wrong with my neck, then so be it. I had acupuncture yesterday and it gave me a good respite from the pain, but it is coming back tonight.

ML is gone for a week and my heart aches for her to be home again. This is the first time she has left DH and I for more than a night or two. Let alone, she will be with my parents 4 states and 9 hours away. (Sniff, sniff.)