Saturday, December 5, 2009

365 days

Okay, so here it is... My challenge to myself.

I have been doing triathlon for 2 yrs, cycling for 5, and been an athlete for as long as I can remember. I have reached a point in my life where I am not happy with who I am, how I look. By all reasonable estimations, I am fat. According to BMI statistics, I am obese. I have a problem with that. I have always been muscular and even in high school, despite being in the best shape of my life, was over what doctors considered my ideal weight.

Now at age 36, I am fat. There I said it. FAT, FAT, FAT. I weigh 190 lbs, and it isn't all muscle. My belly shakes like Santa's, my knees hurt from carrying too much weight for my body. I hurt.

So here is the challenge. Are you ready for it? I am meeting with my personal trainer at the gym on 12/31. I plan to make wholesale dietary changes and exercise changes. No... I am not going on The Biggest Loser... I wouldn't last long there anyway.

So, here goes. Following our trip to visit the mouse at Disney, fast food will be cut. Granted it's fast, but it sure isn't all that healthy for me.

Starbucks will become no bucks. Too expensive and way too much fat in a grande mocha. 1/4 of my calorie intake in 12 oz drink. REALLY!?!?!?

Homemade food, no processed food, or as little as possible.. Home made breads, foods, snacks, fruits and veggies. The last two will be a challenge for me as I don't go much past grapes, apples and bananas or leafy greens. But I have to change for the better. I plan to work my way up to 30 minutes of cardio exercise 4-5 days a week. Most of that will be cycling for a start to get the weight down.

On 12/31 I will post the starting picture. Sports bra and my triathlon shorts. It won't be the best picture, but it will be ther truest. I have already started working towards the cardio goal, wednesday was cycling, thursday was dreadmill with some light lifting, saturday was a rest day and today was a migraine. Tomorrow is spinning at the church with my cycling group and we'll see how the week goes from there. With Disney on the horizon it will be hard to fit the workouts in with packing, cleaning, Christmas and such, but I will find the time... even if it is at 10pm and squirt is in bed. If you see me slacking or munching on McDonalds or Taco Bell... call me out. I need it.

So there it is. I have put it in writing and shortly it will also be on my facebook page, so there won't be any hiding. Here we go.