Sunday, December 18, 2011

Back on the run

After taking a little more time off due to injury and illness, I did my first jog/walk in a while yesterday.  I had to back it off a bit, but I went a lot further than I ever thought I would go for a backed off run.  2.5 miles.  It took me a little longer than I had wanted, but considering that I am still not back to 100% breathing and my sinuses are still a little smashed, it was pretty good. 

I took my training partner with me and he did quite well. He wears out a lot quicker than he used to, but considering that he is 11 years old. He's a great little dog, but I wouldn't take him any further than that because he is an old man. I took a picture of him on the way home and you could tell how worn out he was.
.  The good news was that I didn't have any issue with my leg/shin and once I got back in the groove again, I was fine.  I just had to get back in the groove again.  I am hoping to get back to three runs next week and enjoy my time.  I even woke up this morning with very little soreness.  Not bad after several weeks with no running.

Sunday, December 11, 2011

Princess Half training and another week off

Well, I had to take another week off due to my right shin and then additionally a raging Sinus infection.  I head to the doctor tomorrow to take care of it.   I hope to be back to training tuesday. 

I have been stressing myself a little about missing training and also the pacing issue with my jog/walk strategy for the race.  Let me give you three words that describe my run pace.. I AM SLOW!!!  With 6 knee surgeries to my credit and plenty of softball injuries to my legs and ankles... I am just don't move well.  I decided to take a look at the slowest times from last year's Princess Half Marathon.  I am figuring that at WORST it will take me 3 hours and 30 minutes to finish the 13.1 miles.  The slowest time recorded on the site was 4 hours 12 minutes.  That will give me hopefully a 45 minute cushion with which to work. 

The only true goal I have for the half marathon is to finish.  I honestly think that I have been over-thinking all of this, but that is my nature.  I just need to keep training and do what I need to do each week.  If I do that, I will be just fine come February 26, 2012.  I feel better and I just had to share that with everyone.

Friday, December 2, 2011

Off Week

I now know why people build rest weeks into training.  This became a rest week due to injury.  I was having issues with my shins and finally figured out that it may be due to my shoes.  After a couple of days with rest I went to a new (old) store to be fit for a new pair of running shoes and started from ground zero.  I did take my shoes that I had been running in, but I told the guy that I was working with that I wanted to go in with zero bias.  I wanted him to take me through the same steps he would take everyone else through. 

The first step was to look  at my arches and how my feet make contact with the ground while I am barefoot.  The  next step was to look at my stride in a zero stability shoe and she if I was pronating while running.  The used a video camera and measuring tools to measure the amount of pronation during my stride. 

Technically, I was in the best stability shoe that Mizuno made, but it wasn't I guess what I needed.  I have switched back to my original running shoe, the Asics Kayano.  I have always been an Asics girl and the switch to Mizuno was odd. I am hoping some of the other underlying issues I was having as well will cease.  I was having issues with blistering on the balls of my feet which I had never had in my Asics. 

I plan on cycling tomorrow if I can get my stomach feeling any better.  I am feeling a little under the weather today and hoping it's not a big stomach bug that has been going around.  I am chilling today and hoping to ride tomorrow.  The ride will  be in place of my long run.