Friday, June 17, 2011

Good week

I had a great week this week, between Saturday and Monday I rode approximately 50 miles.

That is a great week. I haven't ridden since monday due to work, but I am working a ride tomorrow and hope to get a brief run in tomorrow night. I hope to get a brief ride in sometime sunday, but I am unsure of the time due to family obligations.

Additionally, I have Father's Day plans that I can't fully discuss as my blog posts to facebook and hubby could read it. Our daughter has come up with an excellent plan and I won't ruin it.

So, I hope everyone has a great weekend and Happy Father's Day to my dad and hubby.

Monday, June 13, 2011

A little inspiration in return

I have had several people tell me recently that I have inspired them to start running or cycling.


I never really saw myself as inspirational and to hear that from people I haven't met personally, but I know them through online contacts. Some of them I have known or spoken to for over 10 years.

Most of what I do running or cycling is to stay healthy, lose a little weight and stay strong. Avoid some of those nasty little buggers that start becoming an issue as I approach age 40.

Unfortunately, this weekend, my knees decided that I needed a break. I rode 30 miles on saturday and my left knee, which is the one that took the longest to recover after surgery last year, flared up pretty bad during the ride. Yesterday it was a little worse. Today isn't so bad, but I am also planning on heading to a cycling shop to get my bike refit.

Evidently from what I have heard, when you start doing more running, your body adjusts and now my body and muscles don't fit my bike as it was. It needs to be adjusted. So that is the plan for today. I need to call the bike shop and get it set up. I may hop on the bike briefly this morning and see if anything has changed, but I also plan to get this done either way.

I can't and I won't destroy my knees again. Thanks to my friends for the inspiration in return. It means a lot.

Thursday, June 9, 2011

Delayed Post

Sorry for the delay y'all. In my best southernese.

I was on vacation and then life immediately ramped right back up. While on vacation, I ran a 5k with a friend and despite spending 8 hours in the car the day before was only 5 seconds off my previous best with a time of 42:44. Wow. The little bit of running I have been doin has been helping. Now I am doing more run training I might drop that time even more.

I did one more run while I was in Mason, Ohio following a night at a baseball game and while it was only 1.6 miles, it felt good to be out. The next day hubby and I went for a 3.25 mile walk.

We left to come home on June 3 and I had another 5k planned on June 4, my anniversary. The plan for that one after another day in the car was to stay with my sister who was doing her first 5k and had been fighting bronchitis for close to two weeks. She had two goals going in and they were to finish in under 60 minutes and also to beat me. I would do anything I could to give her the first one, but with as competitive as we both are, she was going to have to work for the second. In the end, I had stayed with her for just shy of the three mile mark and there was one last hill and for me, the best way to get it was to jog up it, so I did. Unfortunately, when I jogged up the hill, she couldn't and that was where the separation happened and I ended up beating her to the line by 27 seconds. Time wasn't the goal so I will not post her time or mine, what was important was that we finished the full distance.

I have taken the week off since the 5k to recover from the busy week, vacation and travel and starting saturday I will be back in the saddle.

I tried several times to post while in Ohio, but for some reason, my iPhone wouldn't allow me to post, which I have blogged from several times. Have fun y'all and never forget that you never know until you tri!!