Wednesday, July 30, 2008

Neck update

Well, after being unable to go to sleep last night due to the excruciating pain in my neck and calling the on-call doc for pain meds, (don't like them, but also wasn't given any after the appointment.) I think the exam yesterday exacerbated the pain I was already experiencing and ramped it up big time. By 2:45, I was in tears lying in my bed and my DH comforting me, offering to move out of the bed and on to the couch in case he was causing any of my discomfort. I called the on-call at 2:43 am and he called back at 2:58. I was on my way to the 24hr pharmacy by 3:15. Got the pain meds and was asleep by 5am.

After speaking to the doc this morning they are pre-auth'ing my MRI and will get it scheduled soon. I have an appointment for acupuncture tomorrow at 3pm to try to help with the pain until such time that we know what is going on and where we are going from there. So, say some prayers faithful readers and we'll hope that this is a temporary thing. BTW....


Tuesday, July 29, 2008

Training Hiatus

I am currently out of training for a while. It seems I may have a degenerative disc in my neck. I am requesting the results of my x-rays tomorrow. I have been in a fair amount of pain since before the 4th of July. I finally broke down and went to the doctor.

He believes I have a degenerative disc in my neck. DAMN!!! I have avoided any serious issues with the training going on. Now this. It hurts to even hold my head up.

Hopefully the steroid course will help. We shall see. Say a few prayers for me. The pain is murder.

Friday, July 25, 2008

Training, Totals and injuries

Hello all, it's been a rough week. I have finally broken down and decided to get my neck checked. Unfortunately, I have recently been having a lot of pain but I don't know what is causing it. When I work my neck locks down and I can't even turn my head. I haven't worked most of the week for that reason. I am only keeping my appointments that are my regulars and the ones that were already on the books. I go in on tuesday morning. I have tried to limit my cycling to the trainer only because the road just bounces me too much.

I am shocked at how much the trainer has helped my speed though. I did a 25 minute ride the other day, a quick little sprint before work because I was WAY early. (I shouldn't have, but now I know.) I topped out at 25.98 and avg'd 13mph. When I started 4 yrs ago I was in the 8-10mph range. So I am picking up speed and cadence. More so this summer. I can't wait for the MS150 and the triathlon I am relaying the week before. I can't wait to see my split at the triathlon.

13h 52m 26s - 162.72 Mi
8h 12m 51s - 22.07 Mi
7h 33m 33s - 11787.45 Yd - 6.7 miles
53h 53m
Rock Climbing:
2h 00m
1h 15m
4h 30m
2h 20m
2h 30m

Monday, July 21, 2008

Today's training

45 minutes on the trainer and then 25 minutes in the pool doing laps. Not the fastest or the slowest.

Will add updated yearly distances tomorrow.


Sunday, July 20, 2008

5k in memory of Lucy (christine)

One of the websites I frequent is We are all around the world and the US. When something happens we all pull together and pray for each other, give advice and ask for advice. Well, we've had several people have their share of issues with training and injuries and illness. Blood clots, aneurysms, hit by cars, DNF's(did not finish), DNS (did not start).

Well, recently one of the members was having a lot of headaches and come to find out, she had a brain tumor. THe fluid was drained last week and not long after she passed away. Her organs were donated, but everyone decided to run a race in her honor. Friday to sunday, run a 5k. I did mine tonight. Halfway through, I wanted to quit, but the more I thought about what she had gone through, I couldn't quit. I finished the 4 laps around the neighborhood and what do you know....a personal best. My previous best in the 5k was June 7 at 47:43. Tonight I ran it in 46:31. OMG, WTF is that. In a little over a month, I have cut 1:12 off my 5k time...AND I HAVEN'T RUN SINCE THE 5K. How is that possible?? Is it the route, was it the time frame, was I overtraining previously?? Well, now the goal going forward is to be able to run the 2 miles at my tri in october and pray for a podium.


Friday, July 18, 2008

Nancy Cooper

This post is in memory of Nancy Cooper. I never knew her personally, but remember seeing her running along one of the same paths I cycle and also drive. I read that she was missing while we were on vacation out of state and realized that this was a route that I frequently ride. This hit very close to home. I suddenly realized I needed to be more vigilant in my riding. I usually get on the bike and it is my chance to shutout life and the world.
I don't care who murdered this woman, it's a scary reminder that those of us who go out to train solo for our events, whether it be a marathon or a triathlon or a 150 mile bike ride, need to be cautious. I plan to carry pepper spray or something with me on my bike. We are so vulnerable out there.

Back from Vacation

Okay, sorry for the long layoff, if I actually have any readers. Hubby and I headed to Ohio with ML for a week long vacation. We hadn't spent a week with his parents in Ohio since 2002. We make frequent trips up and back, but, we haven't spent a week in 6 years. I was able to get in a couple of training sessions on the bike on the trainer while we were there.

I got in a total of 55 minutes on the trainer in two sessions. Considering we had plans on Friday, Saturday, Sunday, Monday I was still able to get some seat time in. I actually got some interval training in. Friday night was 25 minutes of interval training on the trainer, then tuesday was 30 minutes on the trainer for more intervals. I think I scared the MIL when I came back in on tuesday. I did the training mid-day in Ohio with some serious humidity and NO FAN!! I was dripping wet and had left a puddle in the garage. My FIL just got the hose out and hosed the sweat off the garage floor.

BTW, We also played 3 games over 4.5 hours for a bit of cross-training. I remembered on Sunday why I liked playing softball. It was a lot of fun and playing with our friends that we miss and don't get to see all that often.


Sunday, July 6, 2008

Training and Tour de France

two days worth of training. I wish I could get better about posting and keeping track for you all, but I do the best I can.

Yesterday I did 25 minutes on the bicycle on the trainer. Had to stop sooner due to chain issues. I have been having issues with my chain since I got a tuneup in April before my triathlon. I had to get cables replaced, I guess it has to do with the wear of the new cables and the fact that they stretch. It's still frustrating when you are cruising along and having a great ride and all of a sudden you are dropping gears and not able continue your pace and normal shifts.

Today was pickup soccer for 1:15 hrs. I was worn out and exhausted and then had an eye migraine on top of it, by the time I made it the 3 miles to my parent's house, I had lost probably 1/3 of the vision in my right eye. I hate it when i get them, but I was able to get some excedrin in my system and sleep for an hour to try to knock it out. I woke up and for some reason, still had the aura, I thought I was going to vomit, but fortunately, I did not.

Saturday, July 5, 2008