Tuesday, October 11, 2011

Here we go

Well, after a lot of rehab and several hundred miles of cycling, cycling season is OVER!!
I didn't do my usual end of season triathlon as I got closed out this year. My friend ran it this year and did quite well. Once I finished Bike MS, the bike was put away for a while and I have already headed into half-marathon training. I am seriously hoping the knees can hold up to a four month training plan, but I am also planning to cross-train and use my bike to help me limit the stress on the knees. February 26 is the date.
This year my sister has said she is going to run with me. I hope she is already training. The one thing I have already told her, I have given her nearly 5 months to prepare for this. I am not staying with her. I stayed with her during a 5k at the end of May and by the end my calves and quads were killing me from not doing my normal race strategy, I walked a very hilly course for a long time. I kept my promise to my sister that I would help her finish her first 5k and I did. But the half is a bucket list item and I plan to train and be NOWHERE NEAR the cutoff mark. They aren't going to have the chance to pull me off the course unless it involves an ambulance.
The official training plan begins Halloween weekend and I am doing some maintenance work prior to that. I have been working on a 5k plan to get my fitness or maintain my bike fitness in between. I've been doing well maintaining my training plan to this point and have actually run more this year than any previous year (unless you count middle school.) SERIOUSLY!!
I have crossed the 26 mile mark this year and it will only go up from here. Please, keep me in your prayers, my knees and I need it desperately.
Thank you so much everyone and please click follow to keep up with the updates. I'll be posting my training plan shortly and you all can help keep me honest. If anyone wants to join me on a training jog/walk, let me know. I would enjoy the company. Especially as it gets colder.