Wednesday, January 2, 2013

Down to business

49 days!!!!

Holy Canoli, did I really just type that.  We leave in just 7 weeks for Disney. 

It is time to get down to business and it's also time to take care of me.  I've had to send my orthotics back because when they made them originally, they were cut too short which means when I run they slide forward and back in my shoe and hit different spots on my arches causing blisters.  Not good.

I actually gave them to my PT on New Years Eve and they probably actually went back today.  It should be a relatively easy and painless process to add the additional material to my orthotics to make them longer.  My PT also made me a little substitute to go with my running store bought "orthotic" from last year.  Essentially a little something to get by until my actual orthotics get back. 

Where do I go from here??  TOmorrow a 30-45 minute run after dropping my daughter off at school.  Saturday or sunday is a 4-6 mile run before work.  Tuesday next week is my first day of classes, with a 30 minute run during a 2.5 hour break between classes.  It will work out great.  I have the same break every tuesday and thursday through MAY!!!  WOOHOO, built in training time!! Hot darn.  Now, let's see if I actually use it.  Hehehe. 

So let's get some mileage built up.