Wednesday, April 1, 2009


Heck Yeah!!!! Today was an awesome training day. And I mean AWESOME!!!!!

I jogged over the weekend i the rain. My pacing is horrible. I haven't been much of a runner since middle school. That's a long time ago. But now I am making an honest and legitimate attempt to improve my running and pacing. Right now I am at a 1:1 which for those of you who don't train it means I run/jog for 1 minute, then walk for a minute. it helps me control my breathing and my pacing. I am having the same issue with my Tib Ant on my right leg again. When I started training last year, I had problems with my tib ant. getting fatigued and then not being able to control my toe. It caused me to wreck during a tri last year.... ON THE FLIPPIN' RUN!!!! How the heck does that happen, aside from tripping on your own two darn feet.

The race crew chased me for a little bit after the fall to check and make sure I was okay. I told them to leave me alone... (I was more embarrassed than anything.) I usually use a t-band to work it and get a little more strength and get it used to being fatigued.

So today as I said was AWESOME!! As some of you know I've been fighting fatigue and exhaustion. I got the results back from my testing and there is no MS. I have slowly gotten back into work, doing massage, and training for my triathlon. I am in a bit behind in my training for my half-ironman bike, but I seem to be building my base back fairly quickly. I am running and cycling. My swimming is behind after giving up my gym membership. No pool available. I hope I can recover that quickly as well. So back to today.... again. I got home from my mom's tonight, got the squirt settled with her movie and went for a walk/jog. Finished 1.5 miles in 25 minutes or so. Cooked a nice healthy dinner, chicken in the frying pan with some EVOO and steamed carrots. NICE!! after taking the time to get the squirt down for bed, I set the bike back up on the trainer and went for a spin with intervals. I need more work on doing longer intervals, but that will come. Like I said nice training day. 30 minutes on the bike, 25 minutes on the run for the second run of the day.

I have a BIG bike ride on saturday, It's the spring fling in Durham. Come and join us if you can. The Spiritual Spinners will be riding in Colors. Look for Rainbow tye dye and our awesome wings on the back.