Thursday, November 18, 2010

Mid-November Update

Well, it's been a while for an update and I apologize for that. That unknown health issue has complicated life again. I nearly passed out at work on friday night, was wheeled past my coworkers in a wheelchair and driven home by my mom and sister since I wasn't well enough to drive my own vehicle.

I haven't trained since. I've been working and resting trying to recover from this latest issue, which isn't far off from where I was in August and September.

As many of you know, I am stubborn as hell and refuse to give up or give in. I have a follow-up appointment in January. I am seeing a new doctor and starting over while not completely starting over. Same practice, new doctor. I do have a preliminary diagnosis, but I am not comfortable with divulging at this time. While I do have a preliminary diagnosis, it is not official or final, which is why I am not comfortable with divulging any more at this time.

I do plan to return to training as soon as I feel up to it, but I am trying to balance the training, work and my physical health. Please continue to follow and once I know more and I am comfortable with letting that info be more public, I will let you all know. Prayers are welcome and much appreciated.

Always remember, you never know until you tri.

Friday, November 5, 2010

October totals and Now November

First the October totals. I rode a lot of miles in October and funny thing is I will likely eclipse my October bike total next week.

October's totals:
Bike: 8h 27m 46s  - 107.64 Mi
Run: 50m 18s  - 2.58 Mi
Strength: 30m

2010 totals
Bike: 22h 19m 51s  - 286.15 Mi
Run: 1h 30m 18s  - 5.08 Mi
Swim: 1h 13m 41s  - 600 Yd
Strength: 30m

My November totals for running have already eclipsed my yearly totals for walk/jog training. I can tell that I am finally on the mend.
So lets update today's training first. At 10:30 this morning, I rode out from the church with my friend Sandra for a nice, brisk 23 mile ride. It was just over 50 degrees as we rolled out. Average pace shows as 12.3, but my gps rolls the clock if I don't pause for stretch stops, which brings the average down. After packing up the bikes, I met Sandra back at her house and we rode to the pool in her van and spent the next hour in the pool. Sandra is learning the crawl and how to breathe without inhaling the pool on the right side. After 53 minutes in the water, we were both worn out and headed home. I swam on Wednesday and the improvement between Wednesday and today was amazing.

November's totals:
Bike: 2h 41m  - 35.37 Mi
Run: 40m  - 2.5 Mi
Swim: 1h 13m 41s  - 600 Yd

Not bad for 2 months out from surgery. I have a ride planned for tomorrow and will be at about 60 miles for the month.