Thursday, November 18, 2010

Mid-November Update

Well, it's been a while for an update and I apologize for that. That unknown health issue has complicated life again. I nearly passed out at work on friday night, was wheeled past my coworkers in a wheelchair and driven home by my mom and sister since I wasn't well enough to drive my own vehicle.

I haven't trained since. I've been working and resting trying to recover from this latest issue, which isn't far off from where I was in August and September.

As many of you know, I am stubborn as hell and refuse to give up or give in. I have a follow-up appointment in January. I am seeing a new doctor and starting over while not completely starting over. Same practice, new doctor. I do have a preliminary diagnosis, but I am not comfortable with divulging at this time. While I do have a preliminary diagnosis, it is not official or final, which is why I am not comfortable with divulging any more at this time.

I do plan to return to training as soon as I feel up to it, but I am trying to balance the training, work and my physical health. Please continue to follow and once I know more and I am comfortable with letting that info be more public, I will let you all know. Prayers are welcome and much appreciated.

Always remember, you never know until you tri.

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