Tuesday, September 16, 2008

MS150 Update

Well, I only made it 30 miles this weekend. I rode on saturday, not on sunday. I got up sunday morning and there was no way I was riding. I could barely turn my head and my neck and shoulders hurt like hell. I felt like I had lifted weights for hours on end. I had a slow time, slower than normal, but I was also a bike marshal, which meant if anyone had any issues, with flats, wrecks, or any other issues, it was my job to stop with them until SAG showed up. I shot two videos on saturday, one going out and one coming in. Both bumpy and hand-held. I'll post them separately, but I'll tell you what, I had a ball, despite the pain saturday night and sunday. Oh and by the way, my team co-won best jersey for the weekend. WOOHOO!!! Plus our team fundraising is approaching $6000. Not bad. Enjoy the start video.

Friday, September 12, 2008

Blog Rating

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okay evidently my blog is G-rated. Oh well. I guess torture and pain get you a G-rating. I will have to see what my other blog rates as. BTW, the next time you read this, I will be out on a 30 mile bike ride. Welcome to my hell. I get to do it again on Sunday, then go home and teach Confirmation to a group of 6th graders. Fun times.

Actually I love it. This is my second go around. Have fun. Let's Rock and Roll On!!!

My blog is now PG due to a certain word above. Hehehe. Oh well.

Thursday, September 11, 2008

This is why I ride


Well, I am $104 way from my goal in fundraising. I have picked up $75 in the last 24 hours. I am getting there. If I get the last $104 I reach Jewelry Boomerang again. Before last years ride, they raised the minimum fundraising for Jewelry Boomerang from $750 to $1000. I have only missed it one year. Last year. I renewed my vigor to go for the Jewelry level again. I am a matter of donations away from getting there again. If you would like to help me out, please visit my site and donate.

Multiple Sclerosis is ugly. I am riding for one of my friend's sister-in-law. She passed earlier this year due to complications from her MS. My mom spends time on the beach....IN THE DARK!!! She can't go during the day due to the heat. One of my husband's friends, his wife has MS, she is currently doing well, but that could change tomorrow. Although Charlene can no longer receive the benefit, my mom and Anna can. These are people who mean a lot to me. I want this disease eradicated. I never want another person to hear "You have MS." Think of Annette Funicello, Richard Pryor, Montel Williams, Grant Hill's wife, Clay Walker. These are all celebrity faces to MS, think about your mom, dad, brother, sister, or child being diagnosed. Help offer resources until this disease can be eradicated. Thank you for reading.


Wednesday, September 10, 2008

Trainer rides

OMG, who would've thought that trainer rides could be so awesome. That is all I have done since the doctor cleared me to ride again. Today was my third since friday. OMG was it beautiful and amazing. My ride times are getting longer and I feel better each ride, excepte today due to my physical torture yesterday. She killed me. Oh well, mechanical traction did more than the physical traction. I feel it today. THey will probably send me to the MS150 with some mechanical traction as well.

I will post pictures after the weekend. I hope to have plenty. I feel good, but will take it plenty easy and stop if need be.


Saturday, September 6, 2008

Last nights ride

Well, it kinda sucked. I started feeling my neck about 8 minutes in and stopped around 10 minutes in. No sense in pushing it. Plus I knew with Tropical Storm Hanna coming through overnight, we were having a hallway campout with the girl. Well, I woke up this morning a little stiff, but my legs were fine. I pretty much have to hit the bike every day for the next week if I even want to be close to riding one day, let alone possibly two. I just plan to take my time and sweep the back half of the route. I may well ride with one of my team mates and just take it easy.


Friday, September 5, 2008

Well, here goes

I saw my neurologist today. He told me to get off my butt and back on the bike and in the pool. No running, standing on my head or bungee jumping, but I can cycle and swim. That made me a very happy camper. There are rules with me getting back on the bike and in the pool....if it hurts STOP!!! He doesn't know me very well.

The good news is, if I feel up to it next weekend, I can do some cycling at the MS150. We'll see how I feel. I won't hesitate to use the SAG if I need it, but I plan to be on the trainer as much as possible in the next week. Time to ride. YIPPEE!!!

Wish me luck.


Thursday, September 4, 2008

Just when I think

Well, just when I think things are getting better, I go back downhill again.

My daughter and I went to the beach on friday with my mom and dad and niece and nephew. I knew the car ride would be difficult and possibly painful, but I didn't expect the results. I got up Saturday...barely....I was so stiff I couldn't move. By Sunday, I was in pain. Monday, Oh boy. Tuesday I saw the Dr. for a follow-up and just as things were calming down from the weekend, he did a strength test and set me right back off again. I have been in pain since. Two straight days of therapy, acupuncture, a new anti-inflammatory and more time on the tens unit than in the last week.

Also, one week until the MS150. We are looking at the possibility that Ike may impact the ride, possibly even cancelling it. I hope not. Either way the MS Society still gets the money. Please, I don't know how many readers I have out there, but help me out. Help me reach my goal. I currently have raised $776.57 of my $1000 goal. Help me out, help my mom out, help my friend who has MS out. Help out the person who is waiting for that diagnosis and wondering what resources are there for them.