Tuesday, September 16, 2008

MS150 Update

Well, I only made it 30 miles this weekend. I rode on saturday, not on sunday. I got up sunday morning and there was no way I was riding. I could barely turn my head and my neck and shoulders hurt like hell. I felt like I had lifted weights for hours on end. I had a slow time, slower than normal, but I was also a bike marshal, which meant if anyone had any issues, with flats, wrecks, or any other issues, it was my job to stop with them until SAG showed up. I shot two videos on saturday, one going out and one coming in. Both bumpy and hand-held. I'll post them separately, but I'll tell you what, I had a ball, despite the pain saturday night and sunday. Oh and by the way, my team co-won best jersey for the weekend. WOOHOO!!! Plus our team fundraising is approaching $6000. Not bad. Enjoy the start video.

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