Wednesday, October 1, 2008

Beach ride

Okay, so today I had to take a big dose of HTFU juice, (Harden the F&%^ up.) Well, I decided to break out the bicycle today here at the beach and ride. It was a damn tough ride. Winds at 16 mph with gusts up to 21-23 mph. The headwinds were brutal. I had one gust that almost took my front wheel away and put me down. That was scary. I don't like the idea of wrecking...I guess the good thing was I was going into the headwind at that point so my speed was down to like 13 mph. I was cruising about 23 mph.

I almost puked when I got off the bike, but I know I can do it now when it comes time on October 19. I am participating in the Ramblin' Rose Triathlon in Chapel Hill and it is a women's only triathlon.

Now for the good news. I have reached and far surpassed my goal for my MS150 fundraising. I am at $1284 and change. Thank you so much for your donations, thoughts, prayers and support. They are much appreciated.

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