Sunday, October 12, 2008

Supposed to taper, but I won't

Considering I haven't really trained in like 3 months and my training since I came back has been haphazard and sporadic.

Today I went out to ride the bike route for the triathlon next week and let's just say it was spectacularly shitty. I had two flats before I even headed out onto the road and a third, about 1.5 from the end. IT WAS ONLY A 9 MILE ROUTE!!! WTF!!!

So, my stash of spare tubes in the van is now shot. I need to go buy some tubes this week. I may also be buying a swim snorkel. My neck is still giving me issues and believe it or not, turning my head on the swim is giving me issues. I end up turning my whole upper body and not just my head. I know you are supposed to roll your shoulder out of the way, but I feel off and compensating. Let me know what you all think.

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