Friday, July 25, 2008

Training, Totals and injuries

Hello all, it's been a rough week. I have finally broken down and decided to get my neck checked. Unfortunately, I have recently been having a lot of pain but I don't know what is causing it. When I work my neck locks down and I can't even turn my head. I haven't worked most of the week for that reason. I am only keeping my appointments that are my regulars and the ones that were already on the books. I go in on tuesday morning. I have tried to limit my cycling to the trainer only because the road just bounces me too much.

I am shocked at how much the trainer has helped my speed though. I did a 25 minute ride the other day, a quick little sprint before work because I was WAY early. (I shouldn't have, but now I know.) I topped out at 25.98 and avg'd 13mph. When I started 4 yrs ago I was in the 8-10mph range. So I am picking up speed and cadence. More so this summer. I can't wait for the MS150 and the triathlon I am relaying the week before. I can't wait to see my split at the triathlon.

13h 52m 26s - 162.72 Mi
8h 12m 51s - 22.07 Mi
7h 33m 33s - 11787.45 Yd - 6.7 miles
53h 53m
Rock Climbing:
2h 00m
1h 15m
4h 30m
2h 20m
2h 30m

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