Sunday, July 20, 2008

5k in memory of Lucy (christine)

One of the websites I frequent is We are all around the world and the US. When something happens we all pull together and pray for each other, give advice and ask for advice. Well, we've had several people have their share of issues with training and injuries and illness. Blood clots, aneurysms, hit by cars, DNF's(did not finish), DNS (did not start).

Well, recently one of the members was having a lot of headaches and come to find out, she had a brain tumor. THe fluid was drained last week and not long after she passed away. Her organs were donated, but everyone decided to run a race in her honor. Friday to sunday, run a 5k. I did mine tonight. Halfway through, I wanted to quit, but the more I thought about what she had gone through, I couldn't quit. I finished the 4 laps around the neighborhood and what do you know....a personal best. My previous best in the 5k was June 7 at 47:43. Tonight I ran it in 46:31. OMG, WTF is that. In a little over a month, I have cut 1:12 off my 5k time...AND I HAVEN'T RUN SINCE THE 5K. How is that possible?? Is it the route, was it the time frame, was I overtraining previously?? Well, now the goal going forward is to be able to run the 2 miles at my tri in october and pray for a podium.


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