Sunday, December 18, 2011

Back on the run

After taking a little more time off due to injury and illness, I did my first jog/walk in a while yesterday.  I had to back it off a bit, but I went a lot further than I ever thought I would go for a backed off run.  2.5 miles.  It took me a little longer than I had wanted, but considering that I am still not back to 100% breathing and my sinuses are still a little smashed, it was pretty good. 

I took my training partner with me and he did quite well. He wears out a lot quicker than he used to, but considering that he is 11 years old. He's a great little dog, but I wouldn't take him any further than that because he is an old man. I took a picture of him on the way home and you could tell how worn out he was.
.  The good news was that I didn't have any issue with my leg/shin and once I got back in the groove again, I was fine.  I just had to get back in the groove again.  I am hoping to get back to three runs next week and enjoy my time.  I even woke up this morning with very little soreness.  Not bad after several weeks with no running.

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