Sunday, August 24, 2008

Update on the neck

Well, I have found out from the therapist that I have herniated the discs at C3 and C4. I can't do much, but she is hopeful that she might get me back in action before the 3-6 month timeframe. I would like for her to get me back in time for my tri on Oct. 19. It's the one that I have been training for all year, but hubby wants me to sit it out and volunteer. I can understand his position, but at the same time it's hard.

Therapy sucks for about 2 days afterwards. It's okay during, but I am really really sore for two days afterwards. I have notice an issue with my right shoulder which is from compensating due to the neck issue.

Keep me going y'all. Tell me what you think. Sit Oct 19 and volunteer or try to make it back.


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