Thursday, August 28, 2008

Insult to Injury

So, I had a meeting today at the MS Society office. Seeing as I am still going to the ride and volunteering, I had a planning meeting today. While I was there, the bike coordinator asked if I wanted to pre-register along with a couple of other people who were there. I said yes, I could get my volunteer shirt and go ahead and get it packed for the weekend of Sept. 12-14.

Well, she hands me my shirt and then heads across the room and comes back and hands me my rider numbers. For the helmet, bike and jersey. I'm standing there thinking, thanks for the kick in the gut. That really sucks. So, I have rider numbers in the van. I would have been rider number 703. I was the 703rd fundraiser last year, despite raising over $800. My goal for this year, even though I am not riding is to break through to $1000. I am currently at $676.57. We still have another sponsor check to get in and money from the ride we hosted earlier this summer.

If you would like to help me meet my goal, please click the link below and help a down and out fellow triathlete. Thanks. I thank you and my mom thanks you.

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Brittany M. said...

I saw your post on BT and did what I could to help. My grandmother had MS and died of it at a far too young age. She fought hard, and she loved much. Thanks for raising the money, sorry you can't ride...but truly, the intent here is what counts.