Tuesday, August 5, 2008

MRI and update

Well, the MRI went as well as feeling like a human sausage could go. I made it through without having to do any re-scans. The funny thing is, they always tell you not to do something specific, today was, no coughing, swallowing or clearing the throat while the scan is running. If it's quiet, go ahead. Well, as I sat there drowning, trying not to swallow, I did. Oh well. Only twice during like 5 or 6 scans. I also had my head taped and blocked to minimize movement. That sucked. Plus it was hot, I don't know if that is a product of the steroids or the environment in the MRI room and the magnet, but I had to uncover my feet between scans and then the tech came in and uncovered me the rest of the way. I was sweating. I truly felt like a sausage in a casing. YUCK!!!!


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triblog carol said...

So sorry to hear about your neck problems sidelining you from triathlon. I hope it can be resolved quickly! My dad had a bad disk in his neck (he was 40ish). They fixed it with surgery and he recovered fully with no pain and went onto become an avid biker after that. And that was 35 years ago! Think what they can do for you with today's technology. Best wishes, Carol (BT: keyone)