Friday, June 6, 2008

First 5k in 9 yrs

So, tomorrow is my fist 5k in 9 yrs. Last time I did a 5k for time was the Komen Race for the Cure in 1999. I ran/walked it in just over 56 minutes if I remember correctly. IT WAS 9 YRS AGO!!!

My goal is a 15 minute mile for a total of a sub 50 minute 5k. ONe of the other ladies from the gym's tri team is going to jog/walk with me due to heat/humidity/health. We are looking at 90 degrees at 8:30am plus 67% humidity. OMG, that is nasty for first thing in the morning.

I plan to be up by 6:30am, eat some oatmeal early, get the girl and the hubby up and then head out. It's only 15 minutes away, so no biggie. I already have everything laid out, but as I realized tonight....I have no running shorts, so I am going with a combo short that I use for cycling and jogging. Fortunately the inner liner is very thin, almost mesh except for the chamois. I'll post results tomorrow.


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