Thursday, June 26, 2008

Two training days post

Wednesday was not an official training day, but what I did was to do some bareback horseback riding. It was a smaller horse, but a type of pack horse. So, even though it was a short his, it was a strong horse. Thankfully. Bareback is a wonderful exercise for your inner thighs...LADIES!!! I would love to do it more.

Today (Thursday) was pool day. I got in 700 yards in the pool, mostly freestyle, but I also spent a 100 working on my backstroke and my breaststroke. I probably need to spend more time on my breast stroke seeing as I with my last triathlon I had an asthma attack in the pool. I ended up slowly breast stroking the whole pool. THAT SUCKED!!! Tomorrow I plan to do at least 14 miles on the bike if not more.


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