Wednesday, December 10, 2008

I'm BAAaaacckkk

So I am back in the groove. Two months after my last triathlon...1 month after my wreck.

I got the van back today and I am heading back to work on the 20th. I need to. It's been a long couple of weeks and I need the adult time. All the time I spend with the kids, I need some freakin' adult conversation. I also need the peace and quiet.

So, starting tomorrow I hit the bike again. The trainer is set up and ready to go. I am getting an earlier jump on my training base than I did last season. I am going to build slowly, and go from there.

So here is the starting point.
188.5 lbs
2 tris in 2008, going for at least 3 in 2009, plus some 5ks...including skirtchaser with the hubby.
MS150 (60 miles)
screw the's time to HTFU and get going. I figure at this's always going to hurt...As long as nothing goes numb....go with it. That is what a heating pad is for.

Help me out...hook me up with some inspiration and some good training ideas.


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