Saturday, October 2, 2010

Long Layoff

I honestly had to step away from all things exercise related for a while. It was hard for me to want to work out and cycle and do the things I enjoy and not be able to do them. I am still fighting some health issues (undiagnosed) at this point, but Dory is becoming my friend. I do what I can when I can and rest when I have to. Sometimes it seems like I do more resting than anything else.

New Bern... I made it and was able to complete 50 miles on saturday and I sat out sunday due to some dizziness (again... undiagnosed cause.) I had my right knee fixed on that monday. As many of you remember, my recovery from the left knee surgery was long and torturous. The right knee has been the polar opposite. I am already back on the bike, crutches were gone after 3 days and I am looking forward to training for my first triathlon next year.

I am planning on doing the White Lake Sprint with a friend. I have already laid out my running training and cycling training... the pool will be difficult as my gym does not have a pool and I am trying to figure out how to get swim training in, let alone for a 750 meter swim in open water. I am really looking forward to this and hoping that I can keep pushing through whatever is going on physically.

I also know that when the body says no, sometimes I just have to listen. I have a S L O W training plan built or should I say very conservative. The run plan is a 7 month (28 weeks) plan. I start with walking and slowly progress to walking and jogging/running. I'll see how the fixed knees do and may return to strictly walking. I would like to do well with my White Lake Tri as it will be my 5th tri and my first at a lighter weight than I have been for the last several years.

Stay with me y'all. I am on the rebound and plan to just keep moving!!!

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