Saturday, October 9, 2010

WOW!!! What a weekend already!!

I have to say it again. WOW!!! What a weekend!! And we still have another day to go.

I was able to get my 10 minute walk in yesterday afternoon, and then attended the le Tour de Femme Ladies Night at Cycling Spoken Here. If you aren't aware, Tour de Femme is a women's only bicycle ride in Cary, NC. The ride benefits the LIVESTRONG Foundation and The Angel Fund at Rex Hospital. This is my second year cycling in this event. Last year I rode 15 miles solo, (no teammates.) I had a race the next day and didn't want to burn my legs doing too many miles in too high of a gear to stay with my teammates on the 32 mile route. It was the right decision for me as I was able to hammer the bike leg at my tri, cutting six minutes off my bike split from the previous year and then gave nearly all of it back on the run, ( which I walk).

This year, I decided on the 15 mile route for several reasons. One of which being that I consulted with my PT regarding distance to ride. I am almost 4 weeks out from surgery and while yes, I am back on the bike, my quad still hurts and the knee will swell like a balloon if I am not careful and overdo it. The second reason was that I would be attending the NC State football game with my bestest cycling buddy, Miss Sandra. Sandra always keeps me in stitches and to see how far she has com as a cyclist in the last two cycling seasons is AMAZING!!!

On our ride today, we had pretty much dusted the rest of the riders on the 15 mile route by 2 miles in. Upon closer inspection, I checked our speed in that first 3 miles, (a good chunk of that downhill,) and realized that while I thought we were booking, I didn't realize just how fast we were going. The stats from MapMyRide on my phone showed a downhill speed of 37.6 mph. OMG!!!! Really??? My fastest dowhile speed was achieved this year on a NICE downhill in Harnett County. I believe that I topped out at just over 42 mph.

Today's ride with the weather (cool and kinda chilly) with little breeze and a great route, were highly beneficial. After finishing the ride, I had some ART (Active Release) and some Acupuncture. After that, we (Sandra and I) changed into football watching clothes. After parking and then speed walking from the van to the stadium, we made kickoff with time to spare. I am counting the walk from the van to the stadium as my training walk for today.

I got my 10 minute walk in yesterday and previously (Thursday) I had my PT session and he kicked my butt hard. I needed it though.

Tomorrow is a fun day, early wakeup, volunteer at a triathlon and then breakfast with one of the ASP staffers from his past summer. She is in town to visit family and a couple of other ASP Staffers. One lives here and attends NC State, while the other is volunteering with AmeriCorps and leaving NC tomorrow or Monday.

Tomorrow is technically a rest day, but Sandra and I have decided to ride out to our course spot if we end up marshaling the course. LATER!!! Just keep moving!!

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