Sunday, October 3, 2010

Sunday - Rest day

Well, after a rest day that didn't feel much like a rest day, the run training officially begins. I am using the Conservative Couch to 5k plan from

This conservative plan is a 7 month plan and actually times out really well for my first triathlon in 2011. Essentially, you start out walking and the first week works out to 40 minutes. The plan for this week, is the following

Monday - 10 minute walk (for my neighborhood, probably closer to 13-15 with the route and no squirt with me.
Tuesday - No walking planned, but I am planning to lift at the gym.
Wednesday - 10 minute walk (again, closer to 13-15 minutes.)
Thursday - No walking planned but a 60 minute rehab ride after taking my daughter to school.
Friday - 10 minute walk (actually 10 this time)
Saturday - 15-30 mile bike ride in the am and 10 minute walk in the evening with the family.
Sunday - Rest day.

My husband is going on the walk-to-run journey with me and as it usually happens, he'll pass me about 4 weeks in. That's okay though because I am still rehabbing the left knee from surgery in March and the right knee is only 3 weeks out currently.

My new favorite thing is google calendars. I have posted my training plan for the triathlons on there and have been able to merge my training calendar with the family calendar and work calendar. It is free on google and you can make it public or private and if you are training with a group, you can share the training plan.

I have merged two plans from beginner triathlete into the plan and have tweaked them to fit my schedule and my goals. Rather than going for distance at this point, I am going for time. All of my plans are in minutes vs. miles. It is easier to fit into my schedule and see when I need to take a day off either for health or schedule conflicts.

My sister and my friend are part of my training group. The hope for me is that with three of us, all using the same calendar, we can start tracking our progress and encourage each other. I am at somewhat of an advantage because I have done triathlons previously, but at a disadvantage with the rehab and recovery. I normally couldn't run because of my knees but I am hopeful that with the problem fixed in both knees, once I am fully healed, I can actually run again. I used to enjoy running in school and then as my knees got worse, I grew to HATE it. I have walked the run portion of every single tri I have done.

Now here is where it gets interesting. I am not one to just waiti for New Year's to set my goals. So, without further ado, here they are. Order is not necessarily priority. I am just putting them out there so you can see them and I can see them.

1. Ride a Century
2. RUN the RUN portion of a triathlon (walk/run is okay)
3. Complete three triathlons this coming year. (With a top half finish in Athena in 1 race.)
4. Continue to inspire, motivate and mentor new cyclists with my team.
5. Break through the 170 lb. barrier. (I've been stuck at 173 for almost 4 months.)
6. Run the Quay 5k time sub 40 minutes ( 36 minute goal)
7. Complete my first OWS (Open Water Swim) in a race.
8. HAVE FUN!!!

So there they are and they may change as time goes. Life is fluid, I need to be as well. God will put me where he wants me to be. I am just along for the ride.

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