Thursday, October 21, 2010

Random thoughts and questions answered

Since I am still resting following the torn scar tissue, I figured I would answer some questions!!!

As a mom, I understand that trying to fit training in with my mom, wife and work obligations can sometimes be like herding cats. I have to first of all thank my wonderful husband!!! Without him, I would be unable to fit as much training into my week as I typically do. He is definitely a partner and my ultimate fan and cheerleader. We've been married for over 16 years and together for 18 years. He has always supported me in whatever I've done. There is no finer man or husband alive.

My ultimate fan (b) is my reason, motivation and inspiration for what I do. My daughter is the best nurse, cheerleader, critic and snuggler. I love to hear her little Minnie Mouse like voice while cycling or racing saying, "Go Mommy Go!!!"
She even does it while I am riding my trainer during the winter. She makes me want to do better for her. When I became a mother, It was very quickly apparent that I needed to be a good, healthy and strong role model for my girl. I want togive her a good example to follow as she grows and matures.

So, moving from there. I've realized that in order for me to be a good mom to my girl, I had to be good to myself as well. So many women lose themselves in the role of mom and forget that they are a person as well. If you don't take care of yourself, you are of a reduced value to your family. As a parent, a mother and a woman, I realize that this is MY RESPONSIBILITY!!! Not anyone elses.

So how do I fit training into my life along with mom stuff, wife stuff, church stuff and MS stuff. First of all, I do not set distance goals, I set time goals. I find it is a lot easier to fit in a 20 minute walk or 60 minute bike ride. I have found that it is easier to fit 20 minutes vs. trying to fit 1-2 miles in. It's the same for the bike. I plan out my bike time and see how far I go. It helps that I have the support that I do from my family. My parents help, my hubby helps and it makes it easier to me to plan and train without worrying about where my daughter is, who she is with. Thanks to everyone who helps in whatever way they can.

Last but definitely not least, my teammates. They push me when I need it and pull me when I just can't go any further. The fellowship of having such a great team and great friends is awesome.

Okay!! Hit me with your best shot. What questions are you just wanting to ask? Post them in the comments section or end a FB message. Enjoy your weekend and remember, You never know until you tri(y)

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