Tuesday, October 12, 2010

YAY!!!! Multiple celebrations

Okay, if you have gone back in the history and read my blog archive, you will already know that I am not a runner. I was in high school and quit after a knee injury at an indoor track meet my freshman year. I stuck to softball and swimming and just never ran for fitness or fun after that.

Softball is not the best sport for knees, add the positional factor as a catcher and you know my knees were royally screwed up from so many years of catching and the up/down and dropping to block the plate and wild pitches and everything else. My knees have always been a mess. I had my first knee scope at 17 years old. I just had my 4th scope on my right knee four weeks ago and 6 months ago, I had the first scope on my left knee. After a small patellar tendon tear last summer, I walked my triathlon in October and at a followup with the Orthopod, he looked at my left knee for the first time and commented that my left knee was actually WORSE than my right knee. (WHAT????) My good knee is actually the bad knee??? WOW!!!

So I haven't been able to really throw myself into the run training for a triathlon ever because of the pain in my knees when I run.

Last night, I went for a walk that was part of my training plan for White Lake Sprint in May 2010. I decided to see how it felt to jog part of the route. OMG!!! I didn't need my flashlight last night because my smile was so big. I was able to jog, let alone downhill without pain. I was so happy that I actually went further than I planned so I could jog a little more. It felt awesome. I couldn't quit smiling last night.... I think I was even smiling in my sleep.

This morning, I had planned to go out and do a gym ride from my old gym (no membership necessary for the ride.) I woke up with a crick in my back and after many failed attempts on my own to realign it, decided that I'll go ride and it will work itself out later. I pulled in, did my basic ABC check for my bike, clipped in and off I went. For those not aware, an ABC check is Air, Brakes, Crank. Full tires, brake calipers closed, crank looked good, so off I went.

I am admittedly a hill slug, especially at this time of year. It's late in the year and actually, prior to tri training, I would hang my bike after Bike MS and look at it adoringly all winter and then pull it out in April. Today was actually my latest ride ever. I couldn't miss an 80 degree day for a ride. So we set out and knowing at least part of the route has some buggers for hills, (especially post-op) I warned the group that I would be granny-gearing up a couple and that I'd see them at the top.

I finished the ride with 17.49 miles, avg speed of 14.5, max speed of 33.1 and finished in 1 hour 13 minutes and 9 seconds. My speed in the last year has really picked up despite not riding this year like I have in the past...(I don't get it either.)

So, I am celebrating jogging for the first time in 18 months, my latest ride of the season and my furthest ride following surgery. PLUS!!!! I have crossed the 50 mile mark post-op. I am planning for a 100-150 mile month. Well, off to PT to share the celebrations with the man who has gotten me back to this point. THANKS MARC!!!

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