Monday, October 4, 2010

Monday and best laid plans

Well, today's plan was for a 10 minute walk. What's the saying about best laid plans??

My mom was in an accident a couple weeks ago and had to drop her van at the body shop and pick up the rental. I ended up watching my niece from 9:15-1:00 pm. After that, ran final donations for Bike MS to the MS Society before the 5pm deadline today. Then following that I came home, sat with hubby for about 30 minutes finding out about his day. I then headed to the arena for my CPR and AED class tonight.

After spending the night up and down, kneeling and doing CPR compressions, my knee is a tad swollen and painful. I had to move the 10 minute walk in the attempt to prevent additional swelling. Fortunately, I have the ability to move the walk schedule around to fit better.

So, tomorrow has already fluxed as well. I was asked to substitute at Mae-Lei's former preschool tomorrow, so, Mae-Lei will ride the bus tomorrow and after the bus leaves, I will do my walk, shower and then head to work. After work, to the gym for the stationary bike and a little lifting. Double it up and make up the walk. FLEXIBLE!!! Something I learned from my mission trips the last couple of years.

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