Wednesday, October 13, 2010

Recovery Ride

Okay, so I woke up today feeling something I haven't felt in a while!! SORE!!

It's nice to feel sore rather than pain. I did my ride yesterday, fatiguing my quads and hips. My physical therapist (physical torturer) is working both legs and hips to strengthen them and get me ready to really start running again. He held off going this far while rehabbing the left knee because we didn't want to flare the right knee. Now that both are repaired, we are tackling both legs at the same time. Catching the right leg up with the left and pushing the left to do new exercises as well.

This morning was interesting as I haven't experienced that level of soreness in quite a while. It was that good workout sore.

Today I am headed out on a 17.5 mile ride to a friend's house. She is leaving her house at the same time, we are meeting along the route and then heading back to her house. This is a similar route to my first post-op ride 2.5 weeks ago. We'll see how well the quad and knee do on the bugger hill and go from there. From the 10 mile mark to the end, the route is flat to downhill, which will be a nice end to the ride. I'll follow up and post stats later. BTW, my therapist is quite happy with my progress to this point and has decided that he will continue to push me until he is ready to release me. YAY!!!! I like it when someone aside from me kicks my booty.

Pics later.

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