Tuesday, October 19, 2010

Well CRAP!!!

So today was supposed to be my last therapy session following my knee surgery. Everything was going great until the third set of my last exercise. I had done the most intense therapy session I have ever done and was excited that things were going so well. I made it through 2.5 laps of step lunges, but on the first lunge of the return lap, I had my right leg back as the trail leg, dropped into the lunge and felt something pop.... quite painfully so!!! I stopped there, went to my table for ice and to talk to my physical therapist. He believes that I tore some scar tissue, we won't know until we see how the knee and quad reacts. I am praying that it was only scar tissue because I would be really bummed to have to back off the training I have been doing.

Unfortunately, I am in quite a bit of pain. My therapist has eased my mind a little bit. He said scar tissue like every other tissue has a blood supply and nerves. He would be surprised if it was anything other than scar tissue. As I type this, I am sitting on the couch with the inverted margarita machine running and elevated on the leg ramp. What sucks is that we had family plans for this weekend and those are now in doubt. We had planned a trip to the zoo for Saturday, but that's a lot of walking, so if my knee swells or the pain doesn't abate, we aren't going!!

I was able to get two 15 minutes quick walks in today. Training plan only called for one. I also was able to get an upper body workout in prior to PT and one heck of a lower body workout at PT. I'll be sore tomorrow, but worse than that, my right quad/knee is questionable. Say a few prayers everyone.

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