Wednesday, August 18, 2010

Hip Hip Hooray

Well, the last time I posted, I was quite disheartened from having experienced my first ever heat-related event.

Come to find out after several weeks of think dehydration was the only piece of the puzzle, I called my insurance company to find out what the hospital billed, I was so loopy upon leaving the hospital, I didn't really remember what they told me... Come to find out, they billed heat exhaustion. They didn't tell me that. So here I am getting frustrated that I don't seem to be making any progress on recovering from dehydration and a repeat trip to the ER a week later. I followed up with my doctor 10 days ago. His advice (as much as I hated to hear it) was to rest, rest and more rest, lots of water and gatorade and if I am going to be outside in the heat... hydrate before going outside, carry water or gatorade with me and hydrate the whole time. The worst part of the visit was when I asked him about my big ride in September in New Bern... would I recover in time to ride one day, let alone 2 days of 50 miles. His answer had me in tears... Probably not!!! Darn it... I have not missed a Bike MS event since I started riding in 2005. This is my sixth year riding and I was going to do everything I could to get there.

SO.... I started listening to my body (more.) When I was tired, I slept, I was carrying water and gatorade with me at all times... Mitch even bought me an 8 pack to keep in the fridge and drink... I was alternating the gatorade with the water. Late last week, after hours upon hours of sleep, I started to feel a bit better AND the temp and humidity broke. I decided to head outside and see how the body would respond to the bike. 3/4 mile into my ride, my arms got wobbly ( I thought it was the bike.) I pushed up to the stop sign at 1.5 miles, turned around and went home... But I was excited. I had been on the bike, I didn't feel like someone had pulled my powercord out of the outlet, AND didn't feel like crap. (aside from the fact that I only rode 3 miles.)

I spent time at Jordan Lake on saturday (8 hours worth) swimming, sitting and kayaking. The heat (mild as it was) didn't bother me. If I felt like I was getting too hot, I grabbed a gatorade, drank some and hopped back in the water to cool off. By 8pm, I was exhausted... but good exhausted!!! I was tired, but not drained. I came home and proceeded straight to bed.

Sunday, I volunteered at a triathlon in Fuquay Varina for the first ever Tri the Quay Triathlon. I enjoyed volunteering and writing random numbers on people's bodies. It was fun!! I came home, rested and spent the day doing cuddle/snuggles with my girl and watching movies.

TODAY!!!! I rode 22.8 miles in just under 90 minutes... That is an average speed of almost 15 mph. I think I will be okay for New Bern and I am still hydrating... I guess I just need more hydration that most people... Oh well, to quote Dory from Finding Nemo... "Just Keep.... drinking!!!" This has become kind of my motto lately, with cycling, triathlon and life. Just keep swimming, spinning, walking/running, drinking (hydrating) moving and praying.

Thank you all for the thoughts and prayers and please keep them coming...

I'll keep you updated on my progress through New Bern and in the lead up to surgery in October... Great news BTW, I have several interview coming up and would appreciate prayers for those... I really need a job to finance my fitness lifestyle. Unless some gym out there wants to sponsor me.

Just Keep going

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