Wednesday, July 28, 2010

Mission trip update

Well, my mission trip is ending earlier than I would like. I will be returning to the Quay tomorrow with Jen Rosa's dad. He had already planned to leave tomorrow due to business obligations, but I will be returning with him due to an unresolved health issue. During the day on Monday, I became dehydrated, dizzy and light-headed. By dinner, I had no appetite and had gotten very pale and weak. I laid down on my air mattress to try to recover only to realize, I was getting worse. By the time we decided I needed some sort of treatment, I was so weak I had to be helped to the van, practically carried.

When we got to the ER, they took me pretty much straight back and started hooking up all the wonderful machines. After some testing, they started and iv and waited for labs to come back. I found out that my potassium was too low. Following OJ with a potassium supplement, (yuck.). I was discharged and told to rest and stay out of the heat. I looked at the nurse and asked, "You do realize why I am here, right?". Well, when I got up yesterday, I felt like I had been hit by a truck. Barely ate and went back to bed. Following some angels from another team giving me bananas and picking me up some OJ, I rallied last night and felt a little better. This morning was another step in the right direction. After breakfast, that changed. I was already feeling worn out and weak after being up only 2 hrs. I went to the worksite with my team, happy to be out of the center. By 1pm, I was done. I came back to the center and went to sleep only to be awakened by both forearms in full cramp mode. This evening after much prayer and deliberation, the concensus was for me to go home and find out what's going on. So tomorrow, I will tearfully leave my team, my group, the staff and my family to go home. I hate this, but my health and safety come first and I need to figure this out. Please keep me and Russ in your prayers as we journey home and I would greatly appreciate some healing prayers. This is also the only way I can update my facebook as this will post as a note on my page. Thanks everyone.. Love you all and God Bless!!!! ASP ROCKS!!!!!

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