Sunday, July 18, 2010

Breaking the Law

Hello friends, family, followers and stalkers!!!

Hehehe!!! I have been somewhat lazy lately in the updating of this blog, but I have lots to share.

I guess my therapist was partly correct. Once I finally got back to full strength and function with the quad, I put on about 2-3 lbs of muscle weight. So I am currently holding steady at 172 lbs. Between travel and illness, working out and cycling have taken somewhat of a backseat. I ended June and started July with a whopper of a sinus infection. After fighting it on my own for about 2 weeks, I finally saw the doctor. Antibiotics, cough medicine and a nice drug co-pay later, we left for Ohio for our vacation to see hubby's parents.

We left for Ohio on July 3, travelling early in the day so we could maximize our time with his family. We got there around 5 in the evening, unloaded, had dinner and visited until around 10pm. At that point, with the bike still loaded, I headed to bed. I had to leave by 5:30am in order to make the bike tour in Vandalia, OH by 8am. I arrived right on time, took my time unloading the bike, and getting set up and had the mechanic check it after the journey up with stuff rolling around in the back of the van. Met up with Kelli and Rob and Matt. Kelli and Rob rode and Matt was our volunteer SAG support. The ride had SAG support but there were other issues involved so Matt came along as well. THANKS MATT!!!!

Vandalia Freedom Tour!!! OMG, this is far and away the most beautiful bike tour I have done! The views in the first 8 miles alone had me wishing for more rides like that here in NC... I am sure they exist, but I have a feeling they happen in Western North Carolina and not Eastern. Only one bad climb on the 50k route, but after that it was all gravy. After that, I visited with a high school friend and her family and then into Wilmington, OH for fireworks with the family.

I continue to watch my weight and portion sizes, but after a week in Ohio on vacation, I had put on a couple lbs, but by the time I hit the gym on saturday (July 17) it was already gone.

Since being home, I found out that my sinus infection migrated to asthmatic bronchitis while we were in Ohio. So a new antibiotic, steroids and more frequent use of my inhaler and I am hopefully on the mend. BUT... as most of you who truly know me understand... I never quit moving. I was recently asked "Do you ever stop??" my answer... sometimes. I once heard someone say that they'll have plenty of time to rest once they are dead. I kind of agree with that. You only have one life, so live it to the fullest and enjoy every minute of it. Because you never know when it's your time. That was recently driven home quite clearly last month when a friend was out riding solo and was hit by a car. I have had my share of close calls and the closest is also the most recent.

While cycling with a friend on friday, she was breaking in her new bike (which I think she has named) and I was testing new pedals and cleats. We were only about 2 miles into the ride and a van pulled along side us, just above our speed barely past us and turned across my front wheel. Thankfully the MS Society Eastern NC Chapter asks Bike Marshalls to take an advanced handling course. I was able to pedal, brake and maneuver out of a possible accident. Were I not in my Church team jersey, I may have stopped to advise the driver not to turn across the front wheel of a cyclist, but I let my good common sense win out. I kept riding.

Now, I have continued to ride in spite of my bronchitis and continue to feel better, but still wondering if I am doing more harm than good. I haven't decided yet. I continue to take my meds and rest when I can. (It's kind of hard with a 5 yr old in school.)

Finally this weekend... Friday was my easy ride to acclimate to the new pedals with Sandra. Going 14.5 miles in a little over an hour. The avg speed was 13 mph and a top speed of 35 miles an hour in a 35 mph zone. WOOHOO!!! Caught another speed limit.
Saturday was 45 minutes and 10.5 miles on the bike at the gym. 5 minutes on the dreadmill and then exercises to continue to strengthen my left knee. I also added some good old core exercises just for the fun of it and I am feeling that today.
Sunday (today) was a 12.5 mile sprint with high cadence and some good wind. I realized that I was making good time on my out and from previous rides on this route, I figured that I had definitely strengthend my speed and stamina.... until I turned around and realized I had been riding with a tail wind. Still, the goal was all out as fast as I could, so onward I went... into the headwind. I also realized that the out was flat to downhill and the back was flat to mildly uphill, but into the head wind having buried myself on the way out, it was a lot tougher. I turned at 25 minutes, and the back was in 28 minutes. Not bad. I was big gear for the last 2 miles, in the drops and pedaling for all I was worth. I looked like the big boys in France with as hard as I was pushing.

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Wrap it up... I know it's been a while and I KNOW I promised to post more frequently, but as a mother, wife, business owner and more... it's kind of difficult. I really enjoy writing about my experiences with this new lifestyle change. It allows others a glimpse into how to make it work. While I don't currently work full-time in a paid position, many moms wonder how to make the time. Maximize the support of your spouse... on my weekend rides and workouts, my husband is here and watching our daughter. My daughter loves to send me off with a "Go Mommy Go!!!" I like to think I am giving her a good example of how to care for yourself and staying active as you get older. I will admit.. at 37 it's a lot more difficult than it was at 27, but it's worth it. I have lost weight, lost fat, and continue to grow stronger both in body, mind and spirit. I couldn't do this without the help and support of my family... all of them. Mom and dad, Krista and Barney, my in-laws. The encourage me to continue doing what I love, which is fighting MS one mile, one pedal stroke, one step at a time. You can help me fight this battle too, by clicking the link below and donating to Bike MS and sponsoring me. If not me, then who? If not now, then when?? JOIN ME IN THIS FIGHT!!!

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