Sunday, January 31, 2010

Days 5 and 6

More cleaning around the house and reorganizing on day 5. I guess I probably burnt some calories, but not sufficient enough to even blog about.

Day 6, WOw, I can officially say I blew it today with my calories. It is 7pm and I had blown all but 80 of my calories by 3pm and I could tell by the pizza I ate that wasn't very filling. It bogged me down until I napped on the couch for several hours. I think Domino's Pizza will go by the wayside. I know hubby and daughter are eating more for dinner, but I think tuna is in my future along with a glass of milk. Then wait an hour and ride for another 2 just to burn that crap off. I feel like someone drugged me with tryptophan. It's ridiculous how lethargic I feel right now. Can barely hold my eyes open.

Calorie intake so far today is 1215 with 87 remaining for dinner. OR, I can have a good dinner with veggies and such and then work it off anyway on the bike. What do you think I should do. I know I shouldn't skip a meal, it only perpetuates the cycle. So, I guess I'll opt for the good dinner and then cycle tonight afterwards.

I guess that's the decision.


Final tally for the day.

1536 calories consumed

498 burned leaving me with a deficit of 264 calories for the day.

I hate that I ate the stupid pizza, but likely will never do so again when I realized just how bad it made me feel. Next weigh in will be thursday. Haven't made it to the gym since friday with the weather and residual effects of the snow and ice, but hopefully tuesday.

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