Saturday, January 30, 2010

Day 4

Well, all things considered yesterday was a good day and my first rest day. I needed it as my body pump class on thursday had me so sore, I could barely move. I was running most of yesterday prepping for the weekend and the coming snow storm. I did not get time to workout yesterday anyway.

Soreness I would put at a 5/10.

I came home, unloaded some groceries, fixed dinner, worked on my steamer trunk and started the house re-org.

The desk in my living room will become my daughters once is all said and done. But need to turn the house around... it's become a dumping ground for those with not much spare time. Using the snow days to get it done.

1394 calories in yesterday, and unless sitting on your butt and shredding papers counts for burning, no burn yesterday.

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