Wednesday, January 27, 2010

Day 2

So last night was 32 minutes of spinning with my spinervals aero base builder I. I liked it, but my heart rate climbed way too fast. I guess David is right. My heartrate goes up quickly and stays up, I need a longer recovery period in order to establish my heart rate zones. I will be monitoring that as I train each day and workout.

So yesterday was 1644, and burned 362 for a total deficit of 20 calories. Not much. YIKES!!! This is going to be harder than I thought. Tracking serving size is tough and when it comes to Cheetos or bacon, heaven help me, I can't say no.

Picture is coming later today, I will have hubby take it soon and then I will post it tonight most likely. I am trying to get in a cardio session before work and maybe a strength session later.

So far today with only breakfast and two glasses of water, my calories are at 230 and I am heading to the living room for another session with the bike. This time I am doing to do my own intervals and watch my heart rate a little more. More update later.


Okay 31 minutes on the bike in the living room, working within my target heartrate for aerobic base building. I will be able to better get this once I receive the info from my nutritionist regarding my basal metabolic rate. I will then work with my trainer to adjust my zones. It will make my training and workouts more effective if I can learn what zones to work in.

Calories burned in 31 minutes... 351 calories
Intake so far 230 and shower and lunch forthcoming.

The Good

Watching NCIS while spinning
Maintaining my heartrate in the right zones
Working in my big chain ring
Only water no sports drink
Good Sweat

The Bad

My butt hurts from last night
Hungry (too hungry)
not maintaining a level with nutrition
need to quit sweating for an hour afterward so I can get ready for work.

Day 2 pretty much done. I am in a calorie deficit of nearly 600 calories between intake and burned. NICE!!! Will reward myself tonight with a 1/2 cup of vanilla ice cream and a TBSP of hersheys chocolate syrup. I may just be getting the hang of this stuff.

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