Monday, February 2, 2009

Movin' right along

I figured my favorite muppet song as a kid was appropriate for today's title.

I am now 4/4 on my streak and 2/2 for february.

Today, I just didn't have it for a bike ride. So, rather than push my legs harder and burn myself out early, I decided to go for a little yoga. My legs now feel like a limp noodle or stringy stretched out rubber bands. I am now remembering the feeling I had early in my training last season... after a two hour training session, I saw the yoga class forming and decided to give it a go. Normally after that long and hard of a workout, I would have been sore for days. I got up the next morning and moved along just fine. No soreness or stiffness. I enjoyed that feeling and the exhilaration of the post-yoga workout.. stretch. I am not one to stretch, but I like this. The other thing I noticed tonight was the burn in between my shoulder blades. That is where my pt was getting me to work to help with my neck. Maybe I should do the yoga more often. What do you think??

Let me know.

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