Sunday, February 1, 2009

Still Streakin'

Okay, so I am 3/3 for my streak and 1/1 for February. I was concerned if I was going to be able to get tonight's workout in. Today was a really busy freakin' day. It started with helping my mom teach Sunday School this morning. After that I had to hit the store, twice, to get all the food for the Super Bowl party here. Came home and started working on the fixins. Then I had to get Mae-Lei ready for her dancing performance this afternoon, including dividing, braiding and bunning her hair, find the library, get there on time and be ready for her to dance.

Got home and again working on getting the food finished and company started arriving at 5:30. They stayed until close to 9pm and then I had to get changed, get the girl in bed and get the bike set up.

I got on the bike and just started going to it. 37 minutes on the bike in the saddle and watching the Super Bowl. I started spinning with a little over 2 minutes left on the game clock and continued through the end of the game and trophy presentation. Then switched over to Wipeout to catch the end of that.

So, I am getting into a groove and finding the determination to keep it going.


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coachh said...

Good reading, I can relate.....Enjoy.