Thursday, January 8, 2009


Okay, so I will admit that I was a little worried about the neck with starting training again. So, I know it's only been 3 days of training (out of the last 4) and the neck feels okay, shoulders are a little tight, but that is to be expected with ZERO activity since Oct. 19 at my last triathlon. My results at the time were encouraging considering that my training time was quite limited due to the neck injury. Well, all signs appear to be positive.

I am more aware of what my body is doing during training, as far as my shoulders. I have a picture from my last triathlon and I look like no-neck Prater. My shoulder were up so high, I think they actually were touching my ears. NOT GOOD!!! So, on the treadmill and bike, I have been Uber-conscious about where my shoulders were and making sure to drop them down. No tension in the shoulders means less neck pain. I caught myself on the bike last night with my shoulder creeping up while in aero, and kept dropping them to where they should be. I spent 60 minutes on the bike last night and walked/jogged this afternoon for 32 minutes. I know I shouldn't be feeling awesome this early, but I am feeling like less of lump of fat and more of a triathlete.

Swimming..... that will be a challenge. due to finances, I had to drop my gym membership, and that SERIOUSLY effects my swim training. I am going to have to find a masters class to get some training in on the swim. My first sprint is in June and swimming helps my fitness level bunches. Although, if I keep jogging and cycling like this, the swim will take care of itself.

Next goals on the jog/walk is to improve my breathing and get to a 1:1 or 2:1 jog/walk ratio. I have a 5k on May 23 and Mitch and I are doing it together. It's called skirtchaser.

I have officially converted to the skirt. Now I just need to buy me a jogging skirt. I have two bike skirts.

I'll post my motivational picture soon (yuck.) Here is your warning... it isn't pretty, but it isn't for you either. It's for me. I will have a copy on my fridge, on my phone and anywhere I need to see if frequently to remind me to HTFU and get moving. Happy New Year y'all and get moving.

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