Tuesday, January 27, 2009

Lofty goals.

Hello all,
I have set my training goals for the month of February. I will pretty much go from a stand still to really in motion, but it is worth it. Here they are.

February goals. 4 weeks, no extra days.

Bicycle. - 180-240 minutes a week = 720-960 minutes for the month of February. 12-16 hours for the month.

Run - 90-180 min/wk = 360-720 minutes for the month. 6-12 hours running.

Swimming - get in what I can without a pool membership anywhere.

Weights. get in what I can, more toning, start the 100 situps routine.

I have a 30 mile bike ride on February 7 in Savannah, GA. I am looking forward to that. I like cycling and doing it with a bunch of people who have a common goal is nice. We are all team captains with bicycle teams that ride in MS 150's around the Southeast US. This will be nice. One of my team mates and also a walk captain will be joining me. We are staying at the Inn at Ellis Square in Savannah. It looks nice and it is near the river front. COOL!!!

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