Thursday, January 22, 2009

Okay, I'm Back

After an emotional couple of weeks and illness, I am finally back in the swing of things.

I did a one hour walk yesterday and felt the muscles this morning from trying to maintain my balance on soggy, uneven torturous ground covered by snow. Even more fraught with dangers. You don't know what's under the snow... including holes and branches that could roll an ankle. I felt my inner thighs, groins, back and quad muscles.

Today I decided it was time to get back up off my FAT ASS and move. I got up, put Ironman in the dvd player, turned it on, climbed on the bike and did intervals.

I found a great thing on iTunes, which is also available online. It's at

Each week they upload alternative music, with a 10 minute warmup, about 40 minutes of cardio paced music, and then 8-10 minutes of cool down music. I did the first workout with it today and it helped a lot.


Diane Moore said...

I am really impressed with how motivated you are. You might actually get me off my lazy ass to do something. I have lost a lot of weight (due to gastric bypass surgery and stress) but I have NO (that is zero) muscle, I am all skin and bones.

You are an inspiration Kara!


KaraP said...

You have muscle in there. I promise. Just start slow with a good walk and go from there. I have always been active, but not near as active as this. If it is okay with you, I would like to post more info about why I am shaving my head on here, with respect to you and Colleen.