Wednesday, December 12, 2012

Welcome back and more

Well, it has been a while.  I have been notoriously absent from the blog side and twitter for quite a while.  My first semester of college and some family issues have had me entirely too caught up in life. 

Between my daughter's activities, which include dance, swim team practice and meets, kidznpraize and dance recital.  Additionally, I did two amazing mission trips over the summer and lots of fun prior to returning to college for the first time in 20 years. 

In mid-August I returned to college to finally finish my Associates degree.  Actually, by the time I finish, I will have enough hours to complete two degrees.  My Associates in General Education and Associate in Pharmacy Technology.  Nothing like returning to college after a 20 year hiatus and double-majoring.  What was I thinking?

As if that weren't enough, a little over four weeks into the semester, following some concerns by my mom, sister and I, my dad was evaluated for what we thought were effects of a possible TIA or mild stroke.  WRONG!!! Early Alzheimer's or Cognitive Impairment.  WHAT?!?!?  I can't deal with this and a full course load.  Are you kidding me?  I guess not.  The good news is, I can at least have a sense of humor in all of it.  My mom has MS, my dad has Alzheimer's, which means I am essentially screwed in the Brain Department when I get older.  Thanks Mom and Dad. 

Going forward, not only will my blog be about my training for triathlon, 5k and half-marathons, it will be about my coping with my dad's degradation.  It's happening quicker than I'd like, even with the Aricept.  That's what is the most scary about this.  He is already on medication to slow the progression and I don't know that it is working. 

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