Sunday, December 30, 2012


Why is it people on the outside can see things clearer than we can?

I have been having issues with motivation and getting my runs in for training.  I tend to be lazy and trying to get my runs and then sit on my arse and then time gets away from me and then my runs get left behind.  I decided that with my packed schedule today that the only way I would run would be first thing in the morning.  I had to be at the park by 9:30 or it wouldn't happen.  I didn't quite get there when I wanted to, but with only a 4-6 mile run planned, I knew I had 90 minutes max.  10am gave me until 11:30 to finish, noon to get to my mom's house for a shower and then work by one pm. 

I was working both jobs today, so planning was important.  If I didn't meet my time goal, it would throw a major wrench in the works.  At two miles, I was right on pace, but I knew I had a problem.  At Thanksgiving, I had a new set of CUSTOM ORTHOTICS and I did my first official training run.  I ended it with my first official blister and had a week of recovery because I can't run with a blister on the arch of my foot and have the new orthotics hititng it and creating more of a problem.  Come to find out, they cut my orthotics too short and when I run, they move.  NOT BUENO!!!

I've done very little running with them, but body glide on my arches is my friend.  What did I forget today??  The body glide on my arches.  Bad news.  2 miles into my run, this time it is the right orthotic and not the left and I have a decent blister on the arch of my foot... SHIT!!

Okay, screw the previous orthotic plan of making do through the Princess and having the fixed.  They are getting fixed NOW!!! I'll make do without for the time being and get to the Princess.  Tomorrow I am running a 30 minute run with my semi-custom orthotics from last year and we'll go from there.  I need to get better about my training. 

So, for perspective.  Following my crappy 2 mile run which was far shorter than I had planned, I was in quite a foul mood.  I went to work with a sour mood about my run and when asked about it, I groused about he fact that I wasn't happy about the shortened run when I have an event I am training for and pretty much got a wake up call from one of the guys I work with.  He told me that 2 miles are better than no miles.  ...... DUH!! 

Why couldn't I think about that.  Maybe I just couldn't see the forest for the trees at that moment... I don't know.  I have family members that have issues with walking sometimes, I should know this.  I guess sometimes I take this for granted.  I really enjoy my running and I guess sometimes I need to see the trees and realize that I am in the forest and enjoy everything around me.  Smell the roses per se.

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