Thursday, March 8, 2012

What derails me?

So like everyone else, I get derailed on training.  But why?

This morning it is my typical factor.  MIGRAINES!! AArrggghh, they suck. 

I got up this morning and couldn't open my eyes.. Literally the pain was over my eyelids and I grabbed the phone and called my parents to come pick up my daughter to take her to school.  The only way I am typing this currently is due to my narcotic migraine med.  Which means I'll soon be snoozing away a portion of my day.  It also means I can't drive my beautiful almost 7 yr old daughter to school. 

Motivation.  I've recently had people tell me how I'm such an inspiration and I know that I've posted this in the past, but I have a hard time believing that I could be inspirational to others.  But I'm starting to see it.  I am still 175 lbs and have had six, yes SIX knee surgeries, no acl's or anything like that, but as a former catcher, my knees are shot.  I have lost track of how many triathlons I've done, I've completed a half marathon, I cycle hundred of miles each summer, and run (slog) 5k's and still wonder how I can inspire people.  Maybe it's because I don't let those things stop me or keep me from trying to reach my goals. 

Work and Family Obligations.  Yes, I have a family.  I have already mentioned my beautiful almost 7 yr old daughter. (Her birthday is tomorrow.)  I have the most supportive husband there is.  I married a wonderful man 18 yrs ago and he supports me no matter what.  When I saw him at Mile 8 at the Princess half and figured out that my sister had been swept, i crashed mentally, he hugged me and told me to keep going.  It was time to go.  He will train with me, he goes with me to triathlons and takes pictures and watches our daughter so I can do this stuff and provide a healthy female role model for her.  There are times thought that the health of my parents, my nieces and nephew and their activities and my daughter's activities take precedence over mine.  I try to plan out my calendar accordingly so that doesn't happen, but it doesn't always work.  Do I miss out on training time, yes.  Do I let it bother me, sometimes.  I was working two jobs until last month that also made training difficult with family obligations, but it's about making it work.  There were nights I would get my daughter in bed and go out for a run at 10pm through the neighborhood.

Food.  I love to eat!!  I joked while volunteering at my last event that I run for two reasons beer and chocolate.  I love to drink Wheat Beers and I love my sweet snacks.  That may be half the reason I can't get below 175.  I eat to run and I run to eat.  Timing your meals and what you eat is important.  I'm still learning how to eat in order to run and train more effectively.  Maybe someday I'll break through 175, but even if I don't... I've run a half marathon.  I've done many triathlons, I've cycled 75 miles in one day.  I use my calories. 

The point I'm trying to make is this... IT ISN'T EASY!!  Sometimes you have to be selfish.  Not all husbands support the way mine does.  I only have one child,  it's easier to plan with one child than it is with 2, 3 or 4, plus all the activities and such that they have, but it can be done.  Multi-task.  I take my daughter along with niece and nephew to swim team 2-3 days a week, for one hour practices.  I either cross-train in the pool with swim training or I run while they swim.  I take advantage of that time.  Dance class for an hour, run for 30-45 minutes.  After bedtime.  Run or cycle or core condition and yoga.  It can be done if you put your mind and body into it. 



Lisa said...

Loved this! There is a run club in FV. OPT runs at 7 am most Saturdays and if it is bad weather on Sunday.

Lisa said...

Loved this! There is a run club in FV - OPT. They run on Sat morning at 7 am and if weather is bad on Sunday am.