Sunday, March 11, 2012

5k PR or was it?

Hello all I had a 5k yesterday.  It was the first run since the Princess Half and I was looking forward to it.  I hadn't run since the half and was looking forward to a 3 mile versus 13. 

I arrived a little later than planned, it's hard to get a 7 yr old, 2 yr old and myself moving after a fitful night of sleep.  I dropped my niece off at my sister's house and then took my daughter over to the school.  She's been wanting to see her teacher's dog Bella and her teacher had said she would have Bella at the 5k yesterday.  I got there and picked up my number (custom number, make your own) and my daughter's number that she made in class.  Unfortunately for my daughter, she has a boot on her foot because she has sprained her ankle three times since Christmas.  She is in the boot until at least the end of March.  We'll find out more in the next 10 days.  I am hoping no surgery for my little seven year old and her ankle.  She couldn't run and we didn't want to put her out on the course for 1.5 miles with a boot either.  My dad came and picked her up and I headed to the start line. 

One of her classmates had told me friday that she wanted to run with me and I was okay with that.  I hadn't seen her until right before the start and suddenly there she is.  So, off we go for two loops of the course.  My previous best 5k time was a 44:50 (approximately.)  I hadn't really set a goal of trying to beat that, but I wanted to see what I could do after training for months for the half marathon.  I finished the first loop in around 18 minutes, with a 7 yr old in tow.  Not too shabby.  The second lap went a little slower while using the 7 yr old as weighted resistance (piggy back), more walking (her feet hurt) and she was also tired.  But all in all, we finished the 5k in 39:48.  A PR for me in a 5k by nearly 6 minutes.... or was it.  Come to find out the course was a tad shy of a full 5k.  Oh well, I still would have set a pr and it would have been a few minutes better than my previous best. 

Had I not been towing a 7 yr old, I could have been faster as well.  I am happy with what I did yesterday and don't regret anything.  I enjoyed my daughter's friend's company and she enjoyed the trip.  I even had a good finishing kick which I haven't had in ages, even in a 5k.  HOLY CRAP, training does wonders.

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