Tuesday, April 5, 2011

Momentous days

I've been noticing changes lately now that I've been feeling better and working out more. My pants have continued to get looser and looser and pulling my belts tighter and tighter to keep the pants up.

I decided to finally, slowly build my new wardrobe. I went to try on some new pants and grabbed a 14, I had been wearing a 16 for quite a while and that's what has been falling off, so go down a size and try it on. I put the 14's on and nearly bawled. THEY WERE TOO BIG!!! The 12's were a touch too small and wanting to roll at the waistband so I went ahead and bought the 14's, but it looks like I will be back to 12's from here on out for a while.

Last year I barely surpassed 300 miles on my bicycle for the summer. This year, I am already 11 miles away from 100. I will pass that milestone by friday. It will be my earliest crossing off the 100 mile mark in my 6 years of cycling. I am so excited for this year and this is going to be an amazing year. Keep up with me if you can. I can barely keep up with myself.

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