Tuesday, April 19, 2011

Good week going so far.

Checking in again.

Went to the doctor today for a medicine check and of course, had to step on the scale. (WOOHOO!!!) Yes, you read that right, I had a woohoo for stepping on the scale. I've been STUCK at 173 lbs for the longest time and couldn't bust through it. I've tried different things and even though I've seen the changes in other ways, it's still frustrating to not see the reward on the scale. Today at the doctor's office, I got a little reward. 171 lbs!!! I am thisclose to seeing the 160's for the first time this century.

I can't remember the last time I was in the 160's.

Another bonus for the day is that I tried on tri shorts today. Women's tri gear has NEVER fit me. I've had to wear men's gear (which sucked) because I wanted something cute. I'm not the stereotypical girlie-girl, but I occasionally want something cute to wear, not something butch or masculine. So when I show up at a race wearing what the boys are wearing because the women's gear won't fit over the girls or the belly, that sucks. I don't want to be a priss, but I want to look like a woman. I've long been thought of as something I'm not based on the sports I've played and the activities I've done. For once, I want to look like a woman despite being a little thicker and stronger than the average bear. I earned my muscles and want to show them off. Today I tried on a pair of women's tri shorts (size L) and THEY FIT PERFECTLY!!! hooray. More tears in the dressing room. It's nice to see my hard work pay off and see my body looking the way I want it to look.

Last night I rode my bike with the team and past the 100 mile mark for the year. I am currently at 105.39 miles on the bike in 2011.

Today I jogged 1.58 miles this morning after getting little one onto the bus for school. That puts my run totals for 2011 at 9.19 miles.

My swim distance is woefully behind where is should be at this point, especially with a race in 2.5 weeks. It's the one discipline I am comfortable with, but also am hesitant with. I don't have a gym membership, and the pool I have a membership at is 40 minutes away and not near anything else I do. Additionally, work has picked up dramatically and trying to fit a swim in with everything else, it just isn't happening. In 2011, I have swum I measly 2550 yds. My swim for my race is 750 yds. I hope to be in the pool on tomorrow and friday though.

So, now to update.

2010 totals.

BIKE: 24h 24m 40s - 313.55 miles
RUN: 1h 30m 18s - 5.08 miles
SWIM: 1h 13m 41s - 600 yds

2011 totals to date

BIKE: 6h 26m 6s - 105.39 miles
RUN: 2h 20m 12s - 9.19 miles
SWIM: 1h 30m - 2550 yds

As you can see I have already surpassed my totals for swim and run from last year and won't take too long to surpass the bike total this year either. That makes me very happy. I'll keep you updated. The goal from here on out is to update the totals at the end of each month. Keep on truckin'

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